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Our site diet.ind.in is committed to making wellness and healthy diet plan’s information understandable, actionable, and accessible to the readers. So, the readers can take possibly the best decisions regarding their health and diet. Our contents are reviewed and fact-checked by qualified dieticians, clinicians, editors, as well as other contributors. 

At diet, our sole mission is to support our readers to live their life healthily with the accurate diet plan. We provide the inspiration and information people need to make healthy eating a way of life. Our experts provide balanced nutritional information, delicious recipes of healthy meals, and new means to make healthy choices. This platform is about balance and moderation over fad diets or strict rules. This is because our experts believe that for healthy eating, it has to be sustainable, accessible, inspiring and especially delicious.

The team members of our site include leading nutrition and food editor’s, experts, as well as registered dietitians, who contribute to creating healthy and engaging diet contents on our site.

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