10 Initial Symptoms Of Diabetes | Diet For Diabetes


Food To Eat In Diabetes

foods to eat in diabetes

If you are also a diabetic then you should take special care of your food and drink. You should have the following types of food-

  • Eat protein-rich food
  • Whole grains
  • Eat roasted, cooked, or raw vegetables
  • Watermelon or berries
  • Eat green vegetables and salad

Food To Avoid In Diabetes

foods to avoid in diabetes

Certain types of food should not be taken in diabetes, as it can increase the disease and this food can have a bad effect on your health-

  • Don’t eat sweet food
  • Say no to white bread, rice, and pasta
  • Do not consume honey
  • Don’t consume dairy-rich products
  • Say no to package snacks


As we all know that nowadays diabetes disease is increasing very fast and it is taking hold of almost all ages. However, you can prevent diabetes by following a healthy balanced diet on time.


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