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Who does not love white & glowing skin without any trace of blemishes? “Beauty!” is a compliment that everybody likes to listen for themselves. It’s certainly a natural desire and dream of every single girl on this planet. Fairer, healthy, and clearer looking skin is definitely a sign of prettiness. Do you know you can get your desired skin with the help of some fruits good for skin whitening?

Everyone wants their face to be beautiful and fair. But many people use chemical-rich products for this. Our face is very sensitive, so these products can also cause great harm. But if you want, you can get improvement by adopting domestic remedies. The biggest advantage of eating fruits is that they are completely safe. There are many fruits by which you can get fair skin in just a few weeks. Come; know about those fruits good for skin whitening which can help you in improving your skin.

Whitening and brightening your skin isn’t about spending a fortune over skin whitening processes and also not about applying expensive products on your face. There are some fruits good for skin whitening that does not even come with any kind of side effects. So, it’s not only effective but also harmless.

Fruits Good For Skin Whitening

Check out the list of fruits good for skin whitening and brightening without any side effects. These fruits good for skin whitening work completely in a natural way. So, here we go…




Apple is rich in vitamin A & C, potassium, dietary fiber, magnesium, and calcium. They’ve antioxidant properties, as well as help, go through the damaging free oxygen (O) radicals. Even the peel of an apple is rich in antioxidants.

So, the next time when you eat an apple, don’t peel it. Instead of peeling it, wash the apple thoroughly and remove bacteria and dirt from it. So, always eat an apple with its peel to get glowing skin.




Apricots are sweet & juicy fruits good for skin whitening. The Apricots are great when it comes to shielding the skin from the free oxygen (O) radicals. Apricots are rich in vitamin A, C, folate, & K. They are also full of nutritional fiber that helps to improve our bowel movement. And thus, it whitens and brightens skin. So, do not forget to add apricot to your daily diet list.




Banana is generally known for its high potassium content, which helps in hydrating and saturating our skin. The skin, in this way, turns out to be progressively supple, more full and energetic. Aside from potassium, bananas likewise contain different nutrients, similar to Vitamin A, B, and C.

Bananas help in keeping up the skin flexibility, saturate it and mitigate the odds of creating wrinkles that make you look old. They additionally restore, mellow and help to become the skin flawless and spotless.




Cherries are red in color and are very delicious fruits good for skin whitening. These don’t only taste good, but also have the capability to protect and repair our skin from the damages.

Cherry is rich in vitamins A, C, folate, and K, dietary fiber, and minerals such as magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium. Cherry also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help to prevent skin damage. So, try to add cherries in your daily diet plan if you want to get white and bright skin.

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Cucumbers are loaded with micronutrients and Vitamin B. This watery fruit is a very effective natural skin whitening and brightening food. Cucumbers are one of the most effective fruits good for skin whitening. Cucumbers are not only good for skin whitening; it has plenty of health benefits too.




Gooseberries are sour fruits good for skin whitening and also it works for hair growth. It’s loaded with vitamin C. Therefore, it has plenty of wound healing, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and GI tract calming properties.

So, if you want beautiful skin as well as great hair, you must add gooseberries to your daily diet.




The Grapes are basically of two types, red and green. Grapes are loaded with an antioxidant, resveratrol, which helps to protect your skin from the UV rays damage as well as from skin cancer.

It has vitamins C, folate, and K as well as minerals like potassium, phosphorus, and calcium. Additionally, grapes are very tasty, so you can add grapes in your diet as morning snacks or evening snacks.




Guavas are very delicious fruits good for skin whitening, which contain plenty of nutrients such as minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins. The antioxidants & Vitamin C present in guava prevents premature aging and protects skin cells from the damages.

Consumption of guava helps to improve your complexion. And it also helps to remove the dead skin cells as well as removes impurities from the skin. So, add guava to your diet as snacks.

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