It is often impossible to always come for a workout feeling 100% ready. Sometimes, you might visit the gym tired, unmotivated, and lethargic. If this is how you always feel, using a pre-workout can be all you need to increase your training tempo.

Pre-workout is a supplement that gives people energy to carry out their workout. This supplement allows people to endure during intense training and workout with more power and intensity. Pre-workout can come in either powder or pill form. As its name suggests, you should only take it before you start a workout.

If you decide to try out a pre-workout supplement, you need to understand how to use it safely and accurately. You can find this information on certain websites. There are sites that rate themselves as the #1 guide to pre-workout supplements, where readers are enlightened on the right way to use them and the side effects to expect.

Now, let us talk about the ingredients used in the pre-workout and the benefits of using them.

Ingredients Used in Making Pre-workout Supplements

It is important to note that these ingredients vary from one product to the other. Since there are different products in the market, it can be challenging to know the right ingredients to look out for. Here are a few of such ingredients to look out for:


Caffeine is largely responsible for the energy boost you get when you use this supplement. Caffeine is a stimulant that affects the central nervous system. It speeds up the rate at which the CNS function. Caffeine allows the user to remain active for a long time. It gives the strength and endurance needed to carry out a workout.

Caffeine also lowers pain and improves blood circulation which are factors that are important for athletes. However, too much of this stimulant can be dangerous to health. It could cause increased heart rate, irritability, and muscle tremors. It is necessary for you to read a product label and know the quantity of caffeine in their supplement before purchasing it. Doing so will help you avoid its severe side effects.


Creatine helps in muscle building. This substance is found in muscle cells. Many pre-workout products contain this creatine as it accelerates the building of muscles during intense training. It also helps you to perform better and improves muscle contraction.

Creatine is highly effective for bodybuilders or weightlifters. So, if you are one, creatine is an important ingredient to look out for in a pre-workout supplement. For more information about creatine, you can check here:

Branched Amino-acids

These amino acids include valine, isoleucine, and leucine. They are important for muscle growth. BCAA can be taken independently as a pre-workout because they reduce muscle tiredness and boost energy. It can also be included in the supplement. So, check for this ingredient when choosing a pre-workout.


Nitrates contain nitrogen and oxygen molecules. These compounds help to enlarge blood vessels, improving the flow of blood. Having an improved blood flow helps to lower muscle contraction, lower heart rate, and improve breathing during intense training.

I-arginine and I-citrulline are amino acids used in producing these nitrates, so do not be surprised to see them in place of nitrates on a label.

Acetyl I-carnitine

This amino acid helps in producing energy for the body. It helps the body to convert fat to energy which is vital if you want to reduce weight.

Vitamin B6

This is another key ingredient in these supplements. It helps in producing energy for the body like acetyl I-carnitine, but it does so by breaking down muscle glycogen. It is important for metabolism, especially during exercise.


Beta-alanine helps to improve endurance and reduce the urge to give up. When it is in its recommended dosage, it will help you endure strenuous training by delaying muscle fatigue.


This ingredient helps in the production of adrenaline and norepinephrine, which are two important hormones for stress reduction. So even when you are under stress, L-tyrosine will help you cope with your workout.


This stimulant is found in tea. If you do not like caffeine, this stimulant can be a worthy substitute for it. It improves focus, alertness, and attention.

Benefits of Using Pre-workout Supplements

Here are a few benefits you get from using these supplements:

It Boosts Energy

Most of the key ingredients used in making these supplements are energy boosters. Pre-workout supplements are designed to give you the needed energy either short or long-term. You will be able to carry out strenuous training without feeling the hard-hitting effects.

It Increases Physical Performance

Creatine, a major ingredient assists in increasing physical performance. This supports your muscle growth and maintenance, so it doesn’t break down when you do intense or strenuous exercises.

It Improves Strength and Endurance

If you get easily fatigued during a workout, a pre-workout supplement can help you. It will allow you to extend your strength levels so that you can endure for a long time during exercises. Ingredients like beta-alanine can help in delaying muscle fatigue and increasing muscle contraction.

It Improves Blood Flow

Taking this supplement before you start a workout will help to improve your blood flow. This will in turn help you breathe better during exercise, build more muscle mass, and reduce fatigue.

It Prevents Premature Fatigue

As you carry out strenuous exercises, your muscles can tire out and you might become tired prematurely. Taking this supplement before starting an exercise will help you prevent quick tiredness. Your body will have high levels of energy that is necessary to work out at an optimum level.

It Improves Mental Focus and Sharpness

Your mental agility is important when having a workout. Caffeine and other ingredients can give you the mental boost to stay alert and meet your workout goals. To understand how they do this in the body, you can watch this video.


Pre-workout supplements have many helpful benefits you will enjoy. It will not only assist you in your exercise regime but will also help you to reach your workout goals. You can try out one today!