Fruitarian Diet

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Love to have fruit? If you love fruits and want to live on fruits here is something you should take note on. Fruits are one of the essential and healthy food you can eat. Many people live on fruits which is called fruitarian diet. As it sounds, the Fruitarian diet is all about consuming fruits. Here in this article, we are going to give you an account on fruitarian diet plan to start you off. Check this fruitarian diet plan out below…

Fruits are loaded with anti-oxidants and vitamins, including beta-carotene and vitamin C. You may lose some weight on this fruitarian diet plan. However, any losses are to be expected to vanish when you abandon the fruitarian diet plan, and thus your weight may creep back up. In case you decide on a fruitarian diet plan, proceed gradually. Changeover your diet plans to include a range of fruits. Be sure to contain vegetables, nuts, and seeds with your every meal as they will deliver the protein and fat you need.

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What is a Fruitarian Diet?

A Fruitarian Diet is a type of vegetarian diet where people only eat fruits that do not harm or cut a plant. Only fruits are included in this diet no leaves, stems or roots are included here. In this diet people also eat cucumber, tomato as these are also a kind of fruits. People also include seeds and nuts to this diet.

Fruitarian Diet is the practice of eating raw ripe fruits, nuts, and seeds including sprouted seeds and dried fruits. However extreme fruitarians eat only fruits which have fallen from the tree, thus are already ‘dead’ and this excludes a large number of foods making nutritional adequacy very unlikely. Extreme fruitarians believe fruits have feelings and therefore only eat what’s fallen; many do not eat grains or seeds.

Many people think about how to start a fruitarian diet. Below I am giving a fruitarian diet plan to help you out to start off fruitarian diet.

Fruitarian Diet Plan

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Fruitarian Diet Plan:

Fruitarian Diet is all about consuming raw fruit. In fruitarian diet plan you only have to consume fruits. Here I am giving a fruitarian diet plan idea that you can follow to get a healthy life. This fruitarian diet plan has been designed for a less extreme fruitarian and is nutritionally balanced for weight maintenance. Like all plans, it is merely an example and needs to be adapted to suit an individual’s own lifestyle, daily routine and nutritional requirements. It is crucial that you do vary your choices of fruits, nuts, and seeds each day for optimal nutrition. See the fruitarian diet plan below…

Early Morning Snack

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Early Morning Snack (6:30 a.m -7:30 a.m):

Start your day with

  • Lemon Juice and
  • Nuts (cashew, almond, hazelnut, chestnut, pinenut) or
  • Seeds (sunflower seed, pumpkin seed) or
  • Raisins or
  • Sprouts

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Breakfast (9:30 a.m-10:30 a.m):

For breakfast, you can have fruits like

  • Avocado
  • Apple
  • Papaya
  • Melon With
  • A glass of citrus fruit juice like orange, grapefruit, sweet lime


Mid-morning (11:30 a.m-12.30 a.m):

Mid-morning snack is for the craving. For this, you can have

  • Handful raw nuts (cashew, hazelnut, pinenut) or
  • Seeds (sunflower seed, pumpkin seed)
  • 2 fruits like Apples or
  • Oranges or
  • Peaches or
  • Pears or
  • Pomegranate or
  • Mango with
  • A glass of coconut water

Lunch 14

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Lunch (1:30 p.m-2:30p.m):

Lunch is the most important meal in a day. For lunch, you can have

  • A small portion of mixed nut and seed with
  • A bowl of mixed fruit salad with berries and dragon fruit or
  • A bowl of raw cucumber and tomato salad with
  • A glass of fruit juice.


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Mid-afternoon (3:00 p.m-3:30 p.m):

Mid-afternoon craving is very common in the fruitarian diet. For a mid-afternoon snack, you can have

  • Handful of nuts
  • 1 large fruit like orange or
  • Passion fruit or
  • Plum or
  • Grapes or
  • Kiwi or
  • Guava
  • A glass of fruit juice

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Evening Meal (5:00 p.m-6p.m):

For the evening meal, you can have

  • 1/2 raw coconut or
  • A bowl of berries or
  • 2 bananas with
  • A glass of fruit juice


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Dinner (8:30 p.m-9:30 p.m):

For dinner, you should have

  • Mixed fruit salad or
  • Raw cucumber and tomato salad
  • A glass of fruit juice

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Bedtime Snack (10:30 p.m -11:30 p.m):

For bedtime crave you can have

  • A glass of coconut milk
  • A handful of mixed nuts

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