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 Indian Bodybuilding Diet

If you are obsessed with bodybuilding, then start taking healthy diet right now. Today the craze of bodybuilding seems to be increasing very fast. If you want a good body, then you have to take an Indian bodybuilding diet, which is full of protein and nutrients. Now you must be thinking why I have said “Indian bodybuilding diet” instead of saying “bodybuilding diet”.

Many people waste hours in the gym to get an attractive and strong body, but still do not succeed. In the absence of information and proper diet plan, doing anything proves futile. With the proper information and proper Indian bodybuilding diet, you can get an attractive and fit body with proper eating and exercise at home without a gym. By exercising every day for 2-3 hours and eating protein-rich food, you will soon get in shape. So, check out the Indian bodybuilding diet to get the body you always been dreamt of.

Well it is because every time we search on the internet to discover a healthy diet for bodybuilding we repeatedly come across extravagant terms such as variation of meats, expensive cheese, blueberries, kale, lettuce, as well as other superb food items that aren’t easily obtainable in Indian bazaar and are also pretty much expensive. And thus I mentioned Indian bodybuilding diet instead of merely bodybuilding diet.

What You Need for Indian Bodybuilding Diet


What You Need for Indian Bodybuilding Diet?

For Indian bodybuilding diet, you immediately need to stop eating sugar, carb, and excess fat. Some people who are fond of bodybuilding eat only eggs, chicken breast and brown rice in their diet because they have no idea about other diets. But friends, if you are also fond of bodybuilding, then we will give you information about the diet that regular eating will make your body quicker.

People with bodybuilding are in great need of power and many types of diseases also occur if their immune system is not strong. In such a situation, it is necessary that they eat such a diet that also builds their body, gets energy and their immunity system is also strong.

Indian Bodybuilding Diet Chart


Indian Bodybuilding Diet Chart:

Here in this article below we are going to provide you with both vegetarian and non vegetarian Indian bodybuilding diet plan as well as a chart to follow. So, let’s now check out the Indian bodybuilding diet chart below:



Nutrient Groups



Pre-Breakfast MealHigh GI Fruits + Fast ProteinWhey Protein

Shake & 1 medium or large piece / size of any fruit (However, preferably grapes or bananas)

Whey Protein Shake & 1 medium or large piece / size of any fruit (However, preferably grapes or bananas)
Breakfast MealProtein + Healthy Fats + Slow Digesting Carbohydrate or Low GI carbohydrateOatmeal, Eggs, Nuts, and Milk3 medium pieces of Paneer Parantha or Paneer Bhurji with Low-fat yogurt/ Greek Yogurt

As well as sprout salad (one medium bowl)

Mid-Morning SnacksProtein + Veggies + Slow acting carbohydrateChicken, Brown Rice, & BroccoliRoasted chickpeas (one medium-sized bowl) with one Small/ medium size fruit

And mixed vegetables salad

LunchProtein + Veggies + Slow acting carbohydrateBrown Rice, Fish, & Mixed VeggiesMixed vegetables with one medium cup of Brown Rice and 1 cup of cooked Cauliflower or Broccoli
Mid-Afternoon SnacksLow GI Carbohydrate + ProteinSweet potato & Protein powderOne small bowl Baked sweet potatoes with Whole grain bread toast (you can also spread avocado or almond butter on it)
Evening SnacksFast Protein + High GI Carbohydrate / Fast CarbohydrateWhey proteins shake as well as Dextrose Monohydrate.Whey proteins shake as well as Dextrose Monohydrate.
DinnerProtein + Few Low GI carbohydrates + FibersChicken, and Broccoli salad with few drops of flax oil dressingWhite Bean Salad & Avocado with cheese dressing
Bedtime MealHealthy fats + Slow acting proteinsWhey protein along with casein protein or cottage cheese and ½ spoonful peanut butterWhey protein along with casein protein or cottage cheese and ½ spoonful peanut butter

Foods to Eat For Indian Bodybuilding Diet

Check out here what the foods are that you can have under your Indian bodybuilding diet:




Nothing can be better than eggs for bodybuilding because its white part contains 84 percent protein and 0 percent fat. One should eat boiled egg instead of scrambled or omelet egg. You can have two to three eggs per day if you want to build your muscles.

Non-Vegetarian Food


Non-Vegetarian Food

The non-vegetarian food is very beneficial for producing more muscles. Meat, chicken and turkey lean meats are the best sources of protein. Along with protein, amino acids are also available in plenty, which help in making the muscles of our body.

Eat mutton once a week, but try to make sure that mutton is not fried. Mutton is full of protein, iron, zinc and vitamin B. Fish has monosaturated fat to increase your muscle mass. When the body burns all the fat while exercising, only monosaturated fat stored in the body increases energy in the body.




It does not contain any fat and contains a lot of protein. Therefore it is good for bodybuilding. So, if you are a vegetarian then you can have Paneer under your India bodybuilding diet.




Doctors say that consumption of mushroom is a panacea for human health. White-colored mushrooms are beneficial. There is a lot of nutrition in it that helps in the formation of muscles. The anti-oxidant present in the washroom protects us from catastrophic free radicals.

Eating this increases the amount of antiviral and other proteins in the body, which repair the cells. Mushrooms contain lean protein which is very effective in weight loss.

Whole Grains


Whole Grains

If proper amount of carbohydrates is not found, then muscle starts to break down for energy. Therefore, our body needs carbohydrates, which come from all kinds of grains like rice, wheat, millet, oatmeal, etc. If you have more energy only then you will be able to exercise more.

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Fresh pineapple is very beneficial for making good muscles. This gives energy for workouts.




By eating this, the body’s immunity increases and it is also helpful in increasing protein. Banana is considered a very good source of energy, on an average 105 calories are found which protects the body from any kind of weakness. If you get tired after exercising, then eat a banana immediately, it will give you strength by increasing the level of glucose in the blood.

Green vegetables


Green vegetables

Spinach and other green vegetables are very beneficial for muscles. Antioxidants are found in large amounts in vegetables, so vegetables are very important for muscles. Muscles need rest after heavy workouts. These vegetables also help to relax the muscles.




It contains vitamin C which does not allow the cells in the body to deteriorate immediately and increases the immunity of the body.




Almonds are considered very good snacks for bodybuilding. It contains a lot of amino acids which are useful in making muscles. Eating almonds will neither increase cholesterol nor weight. Almonds are a good source of protein. Hundred grams of almonds contain around 21 grams of protein.

How Much Protein Should One Take for Bodybuilding

How Much Protein Should One Take for Bodybuilding?

First of all you should know how much protein you need. Your body needs 1.75 gm. / Kg protein. Meaning if you weigh 60 Kg, then you should take about 105 gm. of protein in a day. Proteins are most essential to increase the muscles in your body.

Non-vegetarians easily get so much protein from non-vegetarian eggs, chicken, mutton, fish etc. Egg whites contain the most protein.

If you are a vegetarian, it does not mean that you cannot make a body. Nowadays, bodybuilders are trending with vegetarianism.

Vegetarian people can take soy, tofu, black gram, Kabuli chana, milk, buttermilk, curd, cheese, cheese, peanuts, pulses, oats, almonds, flaxseed, walnuts, and whey protein powder in their diet.

Fat is also high in vegetarian protein dietary sources, so there is a risk of obesity, so you should also exercise to reduce stomach with this diet.

Non-vegetarians also contain amino acids along with protein but not in vegetarianism. In this case, you can remove this deficiency by mixing vegetables and grains among themselves. You can mix oats with a bowl of lentils or mix sprouted Moong with soybeans.

You can drink 1 tablespoon of protein powder mixed with milk in the morning and evening. While buying protein powder, keep in mind that it should be of good company and it should contain cretin, glutamine and BCA.

How Much Carbohydrate Should One Take for Bodybuilding

How Much Carbohydrate Should One Take for Bodybuilding?

To build a body, you not only need protein but also carbohydrates.

Along with building the muscles to make the body, the body also needs energy that you get from carbohydrates. You should eat foods with a low Glycemic Index. Oatmeal and sugar cane are their best examples. Click here to read more information about Low Glycemic Index – Low Glycemic Index Dietary Ingredients.

Use sugar / sugar sparingly. It contains only calories and no nutritional value. Eating fruits is best for carbohydrates instead of sugar.

How Much Fluid Should You Take For Bodybuilding

How Much Fluid Should You Take For Bodybuilding?

70% of our body is made up of water and hence drinking sufficient amount of water is extremely important. Our muscles, tissues, ligament and blood all require water.

The more water you sweat in a workout, the more water you need. Bodybuilders may need to drink up to 10 liters of water daily.

Drying of the tongue, dizziness, yellowing of urine, thirst, it is a symptom of lack of water in all the body and water should be drunk immediately when such symptoms are seen.

FAQ’s Regarding Indian Bodybuilding Diet

FAQ’s Regarding Indian Bodybuilding Diet:

Q. Which Fruits Should I Eat For Bodybuilding?

A. You can eat fruits for the vitamins and carbohydrates needed along with protein for bodybuilding. Banana and apple are the best fruits for health. They contain carbohydrates, protein, fat, mineral, and fiber.

Q. What is the daily diet of a bodybuilder?

A. The daily diet of a bodybuilder should contain an appropriate amount of protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins. For More details see this article.

Q. What should I eat to gain muscle in India?

A. What one should eat to gain muscle in India that entirely depends on some facts such as whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian or vegan. Check out here what you should eat to gain muscles.

Q. What foods do bodybuilders avoid?

A. If you are planning to gain muscles and bodybuilding then you will have to be very careful about your diet. You should not include foods that are high in fat in your Indian bodybuilding diet.

Q. Is Paneer Good For Muscle Building?

A. YES. Of course, Paneer is good for muscles building especially for the vegetarian bodybuilders. For vegetarian bodybuilders, Paneer is a boon.

Q. Do bodybuilders eat bread?

A. YES, bodybuilders can eat bread. But they have to make one thing sure that the bread is made of whole-grain instead of white grain.

Q. What snacks do bodybuilders eat?

A. What snacks does bodybuilder eat that depend on the fact that whether the bodybuilder a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian? Visit this site to check out the diet chart for bodybuilders to know what they should have for snacks.


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