Everybody’s dietary habits should be catered to their specific bodies, lifestyles, goals, and possibilities. A healthy diet can affect not just superficial concepts like weight (although there can be a health factor associated with losing weight for some), but also a multitude of other aspects, like your energy levels throughout your day, the quality of your hair, and skin, and your immunity levels to protect yourself and your family from diseases.

But maintaining a diet, although very appealing and even necessary, is not always easy. Thankfully, there are some easy habits you can incorporate into your schedule to make things simpler for yourself. After all, your meals should never become a chore for you, but should rather be something you look forward to. Food is enjoyable, don’t let anybody tell you otherwise!

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Start Your Day with a Dose of Protein

Remember, when you are creating a diet plan for yourself, you should look at your life realistically, and plan to implement only those strategies that you truly can.

The best diet is the one that you can maintain, so choose one that you enjoy.

Making your breakfast very protein-centric is an easy feat to achieve and will help you start your mornings right with a boost of energy.

This will also help you reduce snacks until lunchtime, which will help you cut out on junk or unhealthy food items. Items that you can center your breakfast around include cottage cheese or paneer, eggs, yogurt, or cheese. For breakfast recipes, visit here.

You can also focus on making a delicious smoothie and include a handful of nuts and dried fruits per serving to add a boost of protein to it.

Also, consider adding green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale for more protein!

Eat One Meal a Day that You Truly Enjoy:

Whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner, choose your favorite meal of the day and create a dish and an environment that you will genuinely enjoy. This will create a healthy and positive relationship with food, which is important if you are feeling an added pressure to do something about your diet.

If dinner is your preferred choice of meal, for example, and you choose to indulge yourself every night, remember that you are still making changes to your other two meals, which is a step in the right direction. Don’t try to change your lifestyle in a day, but rather, ease into it.

Make your Plate as Colorful as you Can:

The easiest way to ensure you are having a well-rounded meal is to try and include as many colors as you can on your plate. This will force you to reach out for more vegetables and more fruits, which are always the easiest and healthiest additions to your meals.

Add more green leaves, yellow lemons and bananas, purple cabbages and blueberries, brown potatoes, nuts, and orange juices, and you are sure to have a great meal!

Slow Down When You Eat:

If you are a dog parent, you may have come across one of those bowls that have a maze built inside them, so that it slows down your dog and forces them to chew more slowly.

There is a reason for this. It aids digestion since you have to consume and process smaller amounts of food at a time, with every bite. And this is a habit you should also adopt!

Consider putting your fork or spoon down between meals so that it slows you down and forces you to be more conscious of your speed.

In addition, try switching to a different medium of eating, like using chopsticks. Chopsticks by nature force you to slow down because of the smaller portions they pick up, and if you don’t know how to use them, the learning can be a fun activity!


Remember to always have fun with your food. Watch cooking competitions and shows to make food that is more intentional and inspired, and it will automatically force you to think about what ingredients you are using for your dishes.

If you are finding it too hard to diet, you may have chosen the wrong diet regimen for yourself, because the best diet is only that which fits into your lifestyle seamlessly.

All you need to do is just be conscious of what you eat. Find easy ways to add health to your routine, and you will be good to go