Exercise in weight gain and a healthy diet are very much needed. If you want to increase your weight, then include nutrients in your diet. Make a diet chart for this and follow it. If you are a vegetarian then vegan diet for weight gain can also help you a lot.

To increase the weight calories, fat, protein and carbohydrate are very much needed in the diet. Therefore, take care of these things while making your diet chart and include all of them. Let us tell you about the vegan diet for weight gain.


If you really want to increase your weight then you will have to increase the amount of high calorie, fatty food and protein, minerals, in your diet.

Weight Increasing Tips

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Weight Increasing Tips

Increasing weight does not mean that you are not fit. You should increase your weight while being fit and balanced otherwise, your health will have an adverse effect. And vegan diet for weight gain will help you to achieve that goal.

You also need exercise besides vegan diet for weight gain so that you can burn extra calories and increase your weight in a balanced manner.

  • To increase the weight, you have to have breakfast and light dinner.
  • If you want to increase your weight then you will have to increase the amount of high calorie, fatty food, and protein, minerals, in your diet.
  • You should check your weight twice a month.
  • If you want to increase the weight, then create a healthy and high protein, high-calorie diet chart and follow it correctly.
  • Avoid eating junk foods, chips, pizzas, burgers, fried foods, etc.


Even if you do not feel hungry, you should have food every two to three hours a day to gain weight.

Vegan Diet For Weight Gain

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Vegan Diet For Weight Gain: Foods You Can Eat Under The Diet Plan

Protein shake and protein-rich foods are beneficial in weight gain. You should take the intake of protein in the form of sprouts, gram, rice, milk or milk products, soy milk or powder intake, nuts, beans etc.


If you are fond of drinking milk then it is a good thing for you to eat the honey in the milk while you sleep at night regularly and you will see your weight gain in a few days.

Besides, soak soaked in full cream milk at night; this will also help you gain weight. If you take a glass of milk, it will strengthen your bones and your weight will also increase.



To increase the weight, it is essential that you eat oily and nutritious food. For this, you can consume cheese, butter, ghee, oil, cheese, butter, ghee, oil, if you want, add ghee, butter in your soup.

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To maintain the weight while keeping you fit, you should eat roti made of whole grains, wheat, gram flour, millet flour etc.

You should eat wheat-biscuit, oatmeal, ghee chapatti, brown rice etc.



Dry fruits play an essential role in the vegan diet for weight gain. You can eat the nut, raisins, almonds, melon kernel etc. in dried fruits.


Eating green vegetables is very beneficial in the vegan diet for weight gain, it also builds your health and you can quickly increase your weight without stress.



You can also increase your weight quickly by eating fruits, fruit juices, vegetable juices, melon, etc.


If you want to eat healthy sweets, kheer, pudding, custard, fruit juices, things made from honey, etc. can also be used for weight gain.


To Increase weight quickly you have to take a lot of calories for a long time.

So, follow the vegan diet for weight gain to stay healthy and fit.

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