high sugar count

Having too much glucose in the blood can lead to health problems. If the sugar level is too high in any person, it is called diabetes. Blood sugar is the major source of energy and comes from a diet that is consumed.

Our health is our wealth. Possessing a sound body means you are capable of leading a happy life. More or less every person consumes a sugar daily in large quantities, which unknowingly ends up causing them harm to their precious health.

Whatsoever, the quantity of sugar that a person consumes entirely depends on several things such as their health status, lifestyle, gender, and age.

Risk Factors of High Sugar/Glucose:

risk factor Only a gram of Glucose holds approximately 4 calories in it, where most of us consume nearly 300 calories each day just from added sugar in foods.

Most interestingly, this calorie that we get from sugar is nothing but empty calories as they contain no nutrients and vitamins to benefits our health.

And thus, this sugar in our blood end up causing our body harm and providing us with dangerous and risky health problems, such as obesity, weight gain, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, tooth decay, heart disease, and so many more. Let’s know in detail in this article…

High Blood Sugar Numbers Chart:

For your convenience we have attached a blood sugar chart from the American Diabetes Association that shows before and after meal usual blood sugar levels: blood sugar chart Source: American Diabetes Association Let’s know some common signs of high sugar count in the following part of this article…

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