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Globally, Indian food is believed to be spicy, oily and easily digestible. But is it true? We take a look at some famous savory and delicious dishes which are delicious and also good for your health. For this, you have to keep in mind a few things such as excess fried, roasted and spices leftover from the food. Here I am giving some high calorie Indian foods that are helpful for healthy weight gain.

Calorie is a unit of measurement of energy. Calories are commonly used to measure the energy content present in foods and beverages. The body gets its energy from essential foods. A certain amount of calories must be consumed to perform daily tasks. To gain weight and to control it, it is advisable for the body to consume certain amount of calories daily. So know what the high calorie Indian foods to consume on a daily basis to get sufficient amount of calorie are. The list for high calorie Indian foods is given below…




This delicious and thick dairy product can be eaten with any dish and family members also like it. It is beneficial to have buttermilk with food. It is an easily digested drink. Use of buttermilk made from fresh curd is more beneficial. Buttermilk eliminates heaviness of the stomach, constipation, loss of appetite, indigestion and stomach irritation.

Calorie Count: 30 calories per glass

Ragi Dosa


Ragi Dosa:

It is a popular South Indian dish not from ragi and is made from rice. And dosa is the most favorite food of the people eating. Ragi is rich in calcium which is why ragi dosa is a good diet for young children. Calcium is very good for the development of children’s bones. It has more fiber than rice which is good for digestion. Ragi is also a good source of iron and it also contains vitamin C.

Calorie Count: 87 calories per dosa

Oats Idli


Oats Idli:

If you get Idli in the morning breakfast then what is the matter, it is also a South Indian dish and if eaten with hot sambar it will look even more delicious. And if you make healthy keeping them in mind, then make Idlis of Oats.

Calorie Count: 26 calories per idli

Chicken Tikka


Chicken Tikka:

This dish is quite famous among foreigners. And it needs no explanation. It is definitely better than chicken tikka masala. This is one of the high calorie Indian foods.

Calorie Count: 273 calories per plate.




You can cook papad in hot oil or microwave without oil. Papad cooked in the microwave is of oil and is also good for your health. This is one of the high calorie Indian foods.

Calorie Count: 52 calories per papad

Tandoori Roti


Tandoori Roti:

Tandoori roti prepared entirely from wheat is a delicious dish. It is cooked in a clay oven. If Indian curry and tandoori chicken are eaten together, there is a new taste in the food.

Calorie Count: 102 calories per tandoori bread

Tandoori Chicken


Tandoori Chicken:

Tandoori Chicken is also very much liked in Indian cuisine. Many people like this dish around the world.

Calorie Count: 273 calories per piece

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Mixed Vegetable Curry


Mixed Vegetable Curry:

Mixed vegetable curry is a tasty and delicious dish that is prepared in less than a teaspoon of oil.

Calorie Count: 95 calories for 100gms

Fish Curry


Fish Curry:

India is surrounded by sea on three sides, due to which we get a good amount of fish. Cook it in light spices and less oil.

Calorie Count: 323 calories for a small bowl

Sprout Salad


Sprout Salad:

Sprouted food is considered good for health. Add a little lemon juice and a pinch of spices and eat it, you will not get healthy food.

Calorie Count: 93 calories per 100 grams




Cucumber raita is very good food for the digestive system. Raita yogurt contains resourceful enzymes.

Calorie Count: 38 calories in a small bowl

Palak Paneer


Palak Paneer:

Spinach has high iron content and Paneer is a healthy dairy product. Palak Paneer is the most preferred dish among vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Calorie Count: 189 calories per bowl




Spices in South Indian cuisine have many flavors. Add chopped spices to some vegetables and prepare a fabulous dish.

Calorie Count: 60 calories in a small bowl




Dhokla is a Gujarati dish. It is cooked by steaming the fermented gram flour.

Calorie Count: 22 calories

Lemon Rice


Lemon Rice:

Lemon rice is one of the delicious food items. This is one of the high calorie Indian foods.

Calorie Count: 185 calories

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