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Rujuta Diwekar is an Indian nutritionist who advises artists and politicians of well-known celebrities of India to keep their routine healthy, weight loss and diet plans apart from regular exercise. Ananth Ambani has reduced the weight of 108 kilos by following the diet plan of Rujuta Diwekar. Kareena Kapoor’s Zero Figure was the secret of Dietician Rujuta Diwekar. So, Here I am giving some tips on Rujuta Diwekar diet plan to lose weight fast.

Rujuta Diwekar says that “the inclusion of carbohydrate, protein, fat to an extent in the diet was talked about to help people stay healthy but people got confused.” Today, anything is being sold indiscriminately by speaking fat-free and sugar-free. But only the industry connected to it is benefiting.” She has also written several books on the subject and has also hired several private consultants to advise people. Her stated diet plan benefits people a lot, which is why she is popular among celebrities as well as common people. So let us know how to follow Rujuta Diwekar diet plan for weight loss.

Use Kacchi Ghani Oil:

Use Kacchi Ghani Oil


Use Kacchi Ghani oil to make your food. If you are a resident of north and northeast India, then make food in mustard oil.

People of central and western India use peanut oil and southern coconut oil. These regional oils are perfect for giving essential nutrients and fatty acids to the body.

According to Rujuta Diwekar, do not fall into the misery of refined oil. Rice bran oil, stranded oils such as sunflower oil, do not get stuck in promises like heart health, oil-free, fat-free.

Kacchi Ghani oil is extracted at low temperature, due to which vitamins, nutrition, fatty acids are safe in oil. These traditional oils are very important for diabetic patients.

Add Coconut In The Food:

Add Coconut In The Food


Add in chutney or put it on top of the food, use coconut in it. Coconut is good for the stomach. They are easy to digest and cool down the nervous system.

Coconut is antibacterial and antiviral. If you have frequent urinary tract infections during the summer season, then include coconut in your diet.

Remove coconut from the top of the food, make coconut laddus or barfi, make chutney. Eat some dry coconut with jaggery, but do not take advantage of coconut properties.

Eat Cashew Nuts:

Eat Cashew Nuts


Cashew is rich in minerals, amino acids, vitamins and the source of good fat. One of the benefits of amino acids is that it creates hormones called serotonin. Serotonin is helpful in bringing good sleep so that you get fresh the next day and the mood remains good.

Magnesium is found in cashew which retains neural tissue. Tryptophan found in this fruit produces amino acids and vitamin b, making a good natural anti-depressant.

Cashew nuts can be eaten in summer, it is also full of Vitamin C. Eat cashew nuts in the day or take it in bed with milk before sleeping.

Rujuta Diwekar says, do not be afraid of the fat found in cashew nuts. The body also needs equally good fat.

If the body does not get the right amount of fat, then the following problems may occur:

Our body will not be able to absorb vitamin D and essential nutrients such as minerals, vitamins from food.

The body will not produce the required hormones, which results in a weak joint and nervous system. It can have a worse effect on children.

Blood sugar will remain unchecked, after dinner, the desire for sweet will start to happen.

Before the skin, the effects of aging will start showing, which is the reason why you do not get proper nutrition from food. So add the source of good fat like cashew nuts, native ghee to food.

Reduce The Use Of Plastic:

Reduce The Use Of Plastic


There is a big reason for plastic pollution. In addition, it also affects the body’s hormone balance.

Plastic secretion of estrogenic chemicals, which disturbs the proportion of male-female hormones.

People with adolescence, patients with polycystic ovary syndrome, adult acne should be avoided especially with the adverse effect of plastic. Accept these measures.

If you go to buy fruit, vegetables, then take a bag of clothes. Don’t buy plastic closed vegetables, fruits.

Do not use plastic tiffin, especially if you do not eat hot. Don’t use plastic cutlery, eat with hand.

Do not pack fruit or food with plastic or metal sheet. Use the steel tiffin box and pack them in the clothes of roti etc.

Use Iron Kadhai:

Use Iron Kadhai


Rujuta Diwekar says Bypassing Teflon-coated non-stick kadhai by Tata, who had spread the rumor that there is greatness in avoiding fat. Now you know, it’s not like that at all.

The iron pan was a good source of iron in the food, which was always underestimated.

From now on, make Poha, Upma like snacks and vegetables in the iron pan. Make a food containing native ghee, pure oils and spices in this pan, I can bet there will be no shortage of iron content in your body.

Similarly, cooking in aluminum utensils and also packing food in aluminum sheets. Use stainless steel, brass, bronze metalware, etc.

The use of aluminum reduces the amount of zinc in the body, which is the essential nutrient for the body. Lack of zinc has a bad effect on the health of the brain and the likelihood of diabetes increases. This is one of the tips of Rujuta Diwekar diet plan to lose weight fast.

Heat The Food, Do Not Microwave:

Heat The Food, Do Not Microwave


The food is overcooked by microwaves. This is the wrong way to heat food. Heat the food by heating it to a low flame.

Micro-nutrients of food by heating microwave are rapidly heated at high-temperature, causing their atomic bonds to break. As a result, micro-nutrients become oxidized and become harmful to the body.

Hence, Rujuta Diwekar does not believe in using the microwave oven.

Eat 20 Minutes After Waking Up In The Morning:

Eat 20 Minutes After Waking Up In The Morning


Start the day by eating a banana. Eat any fresh fruit or eat soaked almonds or raisins if not a banana. Do not drink empty stomach tea, coffee in the morning.

Drink tea after 10-15 minutes after breakfast. In the morning drink a glass of plain water before the diet.

Those who have a problem of digestion or hunger after eating, eat bananas. If you feel full of energy throughout the day, eat 8 soaked raisins.

If you are having trouble with diabetes, polycystic ovary syndrome, sleep problems, low-fertility, insulin resistance then eat 6 soaked almonds.

Soak 7-8 raisins and 1-2 saffron threads from 10 days before the patient period of polycystic ovary syndrome, eat the almond day.

Have A Few Meals Between 4 To 6 In The Evening:

Have A Few Meals Between 4 To 6 In The Evening Rujuta Diwekar diet plan


The hormone called cortisol decreases in our bodies every day by rule. In the morning, cortisol is increased, which makes us feel the freshness and it also helps to clean the stomach.

Cortisol decreases in the evening, which gives us a peaceful sleep. With this activity of cortisol, our metabolism remains true, immunodeficiency is maintained, hormone balance remains, and stress does not dominate.

When we are hungry in the evening after eating tea and coffee instead of eating something, then the cortisol starts to grow instead of decreasing in the evening. The result of this is that we are overweight at dinner.

As a result, digestion is slow and sleep is not good. In addition, it also increases the likelihood of polycystic ovary syndrome/thyroid problems, insulin-related diseases (diabetes, etc.).

Eat Dal-Rice Or Khichdi In The Dinner:

Eat Dal-Rice Or Khichdi In The Dinner Rujuta Diwekar diet plan


It’s easy to digest. Leptin sensitivity increases with this, which makes sleep well. It is prebiotic, which helps in digestion and is not constipated. This is one of the tips of Rujuta Diwekar diet plan to lose weight fast.

Do not forget to add ghee to the pulse and rice. This keeps the Glycaemic Acid Index low and blood sugar remains normal. Therefore, it is a good diet for diabetics, pregnant women, thin or obese, child or old, active or dull.

All these features are also in Khichdi. Dal-rice, khichdi lightly fries by eating ghee, pickle, and papad, it becomes a balanced diet.

Do Surya Namaskar Every Day:

Do Surya Namaskar Every Day Rujuta Diwekar diet plan


According to Rujuta Diwekar, there are three major benefits to performing the Surya Namaskar, due to which every person should do this yoga every day.

Surya Namaskar affects all hormones glands, whether it is thyroid, adrenal or pituitary. The advantage of this is that metabolism is excellent, the level of vitamin D remains true, painless period, good health, etc.

So, this is the tips of Rujuta Diwekar diet plan to lose weight fast. Follow these tips to lose weight fast. 

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