After GM Diet How To Maintain Weight

GM Diet or General Motors plan is a 1-week weight loss plan established by the General Motors Company, with a devout purpose of keeping their staffs healthy. We see numerous such diet plans obtainable for weight loss. Individuals who wish to lose weight go after one or the other plan until they get the wanted result.

But did you notice that over time or after some period, you put on the previous pounds again? Do you distinguish why get those extra pounds back? One such diet is the Gm diet chart. We frequently get confused about what to eat and what to avoid after the GM diet to maintain weight.

Here in this content on health tips below, there is every detail on how you can maintain your weight after 1-week of the GM diet.

What Is GM Diet?

After GM Diet How To Maintain Weight

GM diet is an overall engine’s eating regimen for weight reduction. It professes to lessen 4 – 7 kgs in a weeks’ time. The entire GM diet chart permits you to eat various food sources or nutritional categories.

The GM diet professes to invigorate weight reduction by means of consuming fat in this interaction. This makes a calorie shortage in the body which assists you with consuming calories for the duration of the day.

How Does The GM Diet Plan Work For Weight Loss?

After GM Diet How To Maintain Weight plan

The eating regimen begins with having just natural products right off the bat. The second day you eat just vegetables in one or the other crude or cooked structure. The third day has foods grown from the ground both in any structure.

The fourth day presents just milk and banana in the eating regimen. On the fifth day, you devour chicken, fish, meat or milk, and curds with bunches of water. Day 6 decreases meat admission and adds bunches of vegetables for the duration of the day.

You end the 7 day diet with just earthy colored rice, loads of organic products, and vegetables in any structure. Check this video on the GM diet for the subtleties.

7-Day GM Diet Chart:

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The GM diet is separated into seven days, with various principles that apply daily. It suggests that you drink 8–12 glasses of water daily to remain hydrated all through the consumption routine.

In spite of the fact that activity isn’t needed for weight reduction in this process, it is discretionary. Notwithstanding, the process advises against practice during the initial three days.

It likewise permits supporters to devour a few dishes of “GM Diet Soup” daily. It is made with cabbage, celery, tomatoes, onions, and ringer peppers. Here are the particular rules for daily of the GM diet:

Days 1 of GM Diet:

On the first time of the GM diet, you are only allowed to eat fruits. Eat any fruit but bananas. The GM diet encourages you to eat melons to improve weight loss.

Breakfast: 1 bowl of kiwi/watermelon or a pomegranate/apple

Morning Snack: 1 bowl of melons

Lunch: 1 bowl of muskmelon or papaya

Evening Snack: 1 glass coconut water

Dinner: 1 orange/guava or a bowl of berries (litchi, strawberries)

Bed-time snack: 1 bowl of grapes/watermelon

Days 2 of GM Diet:

On the second day of the GM diet, you are allowed to eat vegetables only. You can eat vegetables in raw form or cooked form. It doesn’t specify any maximum limit of vegetable intake. However, try to avoid potatoes for breakfast only.

Breakfast: 1 large potato or a bowl of green peas or corn kernels

Morning Snack: 1 glass of vegetable juice

Lunch: 1 large bowl of boiled cabbage for lunch

Evening Snack: 2 to 3 medium cherry tomato

Dinner: 1 cup broccoli

Bed-time snack: 1 bowl of carrots/cucumber

Days 3 of GM Diet:

On the third day of the DM diet, you are only allowed to have fruits and vegetables. So, you can eat any kind of fruit & vegetables except bananas. The GM diet does not specify any limit.

Breakfast: an apple or 1 bowl of watermelon or half a pineapple or an orange

Morning Snack: 1 glass of fruit or vegetable juice

Lunch: 1 large bowl full of cabbage boiled

Evening Snack: 4-5 cherry tomatoes and cucumber

Dinner: 1 cup of boiled broccoli

Bed-time snack: 1 bowl of carrots or cucumber

Days 4 of GM Diet:

On the fourth day of the GM diet, you can only eat bananas and milk. You can consume up to 8 small or6 large bananas and drink 3 glasses of milk, if possible, skimmed.

Breakfast: 2 large bananas

Lunch: 2 large bananas with 1 glass of skimmed milk

Evening Snack: A bowl full of cabbage boiled.

At Dinner: 2 large bananas with 1 glass skimmed milk

Days 5 of GM Diet:

On the fifth day of the GM diet, eat beef, fish, or chicken. Along with meat, you can also eat 6 tomatoes. And Vegetarians should replace meat with either cottage cheese or brown rice. Increase the intake of water by 2 glasses to wash down additional uric acid from your body.

Breakfast: 3 whole tomatoes

Lunch: 250g meat with 1 large tomato

Dinner: 1 bowl of GM diet soup

Days 6 of GM Diet:

On the sixth day of the GM diet, meals may comprise a limitless quantity of vegetables, however, no potatoes. Vegetarians should replace meat with either cottage cheese or brown rice. Increase your water intake.

Breakfast: 1 bowl cucumber or Brussels sprouts

Lunch: 250g meat or vegetarian supernumerary

Dinner: 1 bowl of boiled tomato or Cabbage

Days 7 of GM Diet:

Eat only fruits, brown rice, vegetables, and fruit juices on the 7 days of the GM diet meal. No extreme limit is stated for any of those foods on 7 days of GM diet.

Breakfast: 1 bowl of watermelon

Lunch: Cottage cheese Brown rice, and 1 glass of fruit juices (freshly made)

Dinner: Brown rice and mixed vegetables and 1 or 2 glasses fruit juices.

How To Maintain Weight After GM Diet?

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The greater part of the weight lost on the GM diet is probably going to be water weight, as opposed to fat. Any time you lessen your calorie admission, your body searches for different wellsprings of fuel. This makes your body separate glycogen, an energy-stockpiling atom found in the liver and muscles.

Glycogen clutches a ton of water, so as your glycogen stores are drained, this deficiency of water can make your weight drop quickly. Sadly, this sort of weight reduction is just impermanent. You’ll likely recapture it not long after you continue your normal food routine.

Eat Fresh:

Just after finishing your GM diet, do not rush into your normal food habit. During the GM diet, we only lose water weight, which is temporary. So, to maintain weight and burn calories you need to restrict your food habit. Try to eat only fresh foods. Say no to processed and packaged food.

Consume High Protein And Low Carb:

When you try to lose weight or maintain a healthy body then you must consume accordingly. Having high protein, you will have sound health, and having low carb at the same time will help you not to gain extra kgs. So, be very careful about your intake of protein and carbohydrates.


To burn calories and fat there is no match for exercise. And to maintain weight after the GM diet it’s highly recommended to exercise every single day or the week. With the help of a workout burn extra kgs too. Along with this, try to change lifestyle for a better life.

If you are not able to work out then at least walk at a normal pace. follow proper tips to avoid gain some extra kgs.

Keep Eating Foods with High Fiber:

Large numbers of us partner fiber with stomach-related wellbeing and inside work. Be that as it may, consuming food varieties high in dietary fiber can accomplish such a great deal more than keeping your standard and prevent weight gain.

It can bring down your danger for coronary illness, stroke, and diabetes, improve the soundness of your skin, and assist you with shedding pounds. It might even assistance forestall colon disease.

Drink Plenty Of Water:

Science recommends that water intake can assist with losing weight in an assortment of ways and let go toxins from your body. It might stifle your craving, support your digestion, and make practice simpler and more proficient, all of which you can add to results on the scale.

While endless variables, practices, and inclinations can influence your body weight, if your objective is a long haul, moderate weight loss, ensuring you’re hydrated could be a decent spot to start.

Drink Green Tea or Black Coffee:

We all know that green tea helps in lose weight fast, increase metabolism and help shedding calories. So, to maintain weight after the GM diet you can drink tea. This will help you to burn fat and calories in a healthy way.

Keep The Body Detoxified:

It normally infers following a particular consuming regimen or utilizing uncommon items that guarantee to free your assemblage of poisons, accordingly improving wellbeing and advancing weight loss.

Luckily, your body is exceptional to kill poisons and doesn’t need unique weight control plans or costly enhancements to do as such. This way you will be able to maintain weight and also lose weight.


You can proceed with this changed eating regimen till you again want to begin with the following GM diet or General Motors Diet for weight loss.


While the GM Diet Plan for weight reduction was considered a triumph and is viewed as simple to follow, most nutritionists don’t suggest that you follow it. Despite the fact that it brings about quick weight reduction, the food routine additionally has a few results that we will examine later in the article.

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