What is High Blood Pressure

Busy lifestyles, inappropriate diet, and stress give rise to many diseases and disorders. One such disease is high Blood Pressure. Hypertension or high blood pressure has now become a major health problem. During high blood pressure, blood flow becomes very fast. However, we can control this problem with the help of a proper high blood pressure diet menu.

High blood pressure causes many diseases for many people, due to which there are many problems like diabetes, heart disease. Many risk factors for high blood pressure are beyond your control, such as age, family history. But there are some factors that you can use to control high blood pressure, such as exercise and diet. A diet that can help you control blood pressure is rich in potassium, magnesium, and fiber and should have low sodium. So, here let’s see some high blood pressure diet menu that will help you to control high blood pressure.

What is High Blood Pressure?

Our heart pumps blood into the body through the arteries, which gives us life. A certain pressure is necessary for the blood flowing in our arteries. When this pressure increases due to some reason, arteries get pressurized and this condition is called high blood pressure (high blood pressure).

Having high blood pressure can cause many harms to our body. Even heart failure can also take place due to high blood pressure.

Types Of Blood Pressure:

There are two types of blood pressure:

  1. Systolic pressure ( blood pressure is 140 mmHg or above)
  2. Diastolic pressure (blood pressure is more than 90 mmHg or more)

Blood pressure is usually divided into 5 categories:

  1. Hypotension (low blood pressure)

  • Systolic mmHg 90 or less
  • Diastolic mmHg 60 or less
  1. Normal blood pressure

  • Systolic mmHg 90-119
  • Diastolic mmHg 60-79
  1. Pre-Hypertension (Pre-High Blood Pressure)
  • Systolic mmHg 120-139
  • Diastolic mmHg 80-89
  1. High Blood Pressure phase 1
  • Systolic mmHg 140-159
  • Diastolic mmHg 90- 99
  1. High Blood Pressure phase 2
  • Systemic mmHg greater than 160
  • Diastolic mmHg greater than 100

High Blood Pressure Diet Menu

High Blood Pressure Diet Menu

There are many factors responsible for this, but the biggest impact is food and drink. For that reason, by eating certain foods, one can easily get rid of high blood pressure problem. So let’s know what a healthy high pressure diet chart is for such patients:

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White Beans

Included White beans in your high blood pressure diets chart for hypertension patients. You can eat white beans in many ways, such as in vegetables, soup or salad.

A cup of white beans provides 13% calcium 30% magnesium and 24% potassium.

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Pumpkin Seeds

In pumpkin seeds, zinc is found in a high amount, which helps to decrease the stress and also to increase the disease resistance in our body. Considerably, if you have lack of zinc or deficiency of zinc in your body, then your body may become a victim of irritation and depression.



Eating a ½ cup of raisins 3 times a day can help to reduce high blood pressure. So, if you are a high blood pressure patient then raisin is boon to you. Do not forget to include raisins in your high blood pressure diet menu.

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Kiwi Fruit

If you eat kiwi fruit regularly, you can get rid of high blood pressure in a few days. Kiwi fruit has some properties that combat high blood pressure problem. So, you can undoubtedly include kiwi to your high blood pressure diet menu.

One kiwi contains 2%calcium, 7% magnesium and 9% potassium

Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato

You can add sweet potato to your high blood pressure diet menu since it contains soluble, beta carotene, and calcium fiber. These elements reduce stress. Therefore, add at least 1 to 2 slices of sweet potato to your high blood pressure diet menu every day.

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In curd, proteins, riboflavin, calcium, vitamin B6 and B12 are in considerable quantities, which reduce the problem of high blood pressure in our body and consequently the body obtains many benefits by consuming curd every day after meal.



Consuming soybean regularly in your high blood pressure diet menu helps in reducing blood pressure. So, without further delay, add soybean or soy products to your high blood pressure diet menu.

Eat potassium

You should include Potassium to your high blood pressure diet menu because it contains some minerals that are helpful in dropping high blood pressure. So eat more substances that are high in potassium. This will be like a boon to you.

Include vegetables to your diet menu which are rich in potassium such as

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Eggs has abundant amount of minerals, vitamins and other nutritious elements. These elements produce a chemical, which is called endorphin. Similarly this endorphin is found in the brain. This is responsible for providing relief from complications like pain and depression.

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Blueberries and strawberries contain antioxidant compounds called anthocyanins, a type of flavonoid, that may help lower a person’s blood pressure. Enjoy berries as an after-meal snack or dessert, or add them to smoothies and oatmeal.

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Bananas are rich in potassium mineral which plays an important role in the management of blood pressure.

A medium-sized banana contains about 422 milligrams of potassium. According to the American Heart Association, potassium counteracts the effects of sodium and reduces tension in the walls of blood vessels.

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Drinking beetroot juice can lower blood pressure in the short and long term. According to research, beets contain high levels of inorganic nitrates which reduce blood pressure. A glass of beet juice or its use in salad daily can reduce the problem of high blood pressure.

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Dark Chocolate:

Cocoa-rich chocolate has been shown to lower blood pressure in people suffering from hypertension. Choose high-quality chocolate that contains at least 70 percent cacao; eating about 1 ounce of chocolate each day may protect against high blood pressure.

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Watermelon contains an amino acid called citrulline, which may help manage blood pressure. Citrulline helps the body produce nitric oxide, a gas that relaxes blood vessels and encourages flexibility in arteries. These effects aid in blood flow, which can lower high blood pressure.

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Oats contain a type of fiber called beta-glucan, which can lower blood cholesterol levels. According to some research, beta-glucan can also lower blood pressure.

According to research, high consumption of beta-glucan fiber can lower both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Barley also contains this fiber.

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Green Leafy Vegetables:

Leafy green vegetables are rich in nitrates, which help manage blood pressure. Some research suggests that eating 1–2 servings of nitrate-rich vegetables every day can reduce blood pressure for up to 24 hours. Green leafy vegetables include cabbage, green collards, fennel, mustard greens, spinach, etc.

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Eating garlic can increase a person’s nitric oxide levels. Garlic is a natural antibiotic and antifungal food. Its main active ingredient, allicin, is often responsible for the associated health benefits.

Some research suggests that garlic increases the production of nitric oxide in the body, thereby relaxing muscles and eliminating fat that clogs blood vessels. These changes can reduce blood pressure.

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Fish and Lean Chicken:

Fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids as well as certain vitamins and minerals, which help lower blood pressure and reduce inflammation with the help of omega-3 fatty acids.

Similarly, chicken is a good source of protein, which is essential for maintaining a healthy weight along with providing good satiety. So consuming chicken and fish in the form of curry or soup twice a week is not harmful.

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High blood pressure is reduced by consuming dry roasted flaxseeds or flaxseed powder on a weekly basis. The best way to do this is to mix a teaspoon of flaxseed in your fruit bowl or a tablespoon of flaxseed powder in a bowl of yogurt.


Antioxidants found in pomegranate can reduce the problem of high blood pressure. According to the findings of a 2012 study, drinking 1 cup of pomegranate juice daily for 28 days can reduce blood pressure.

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One study reported that adding pistachio nuts to a moderate-fat diet can lower blood pressure during times of stress. Properties are also found in almonds.

In case of high blood pressure, along with taking the advice of the doctor, it is very important to pay attention to the food.

There are many foods that further increase the blood pressure in the body. We are going to tell about such foods, which are advised not to consume or in very small amounts in case of high blood pressure.

Reduce Salt Intake:

If you are a victim of high blood pressure, do not use sodium/salt in your diet as far as possible. Do not eat more than 2.3 mg of sodium a day, if your If you are 50 or older, then eating more than 1,500 mg of sodium/salt a day can be harmful to you.

Reduce Coffee Intake:

Caffeine present in coffee gradually increases the level of blood pressure. Drinking enough daily also has a negative effect on blood pressure. So do not drink more than 200 grams of coffee in a day. As much coffee as you drink in one go, drink it in 2 to 3 times.

Avoid Alcohol:

Alcohol increases blood pressure further, so if you are used to drinking alcohol then stop consuming it.

Take special care that does not take 4-5 drinks continuously at a time or else your blood pressure may suddenly increase. The pressure can remain elevated for several days. Consult your doctor for this.

Avoid Egg Yolk:

If you have high BP and if you consume eggs, then keep in mind that the egg yolk which is the yellow part of the egg should not be called because it contains a lot of cholesterol which Harmful for high blood pressure.

Avoid Fast Food:

A lot of cholesterol is found in fast food including chips, cheese, biscuits which is very harmful in high BP. Therefore, if you are a victim of high blood pressure, then avoid the consumption of fast food.

Ice Cream:

You may not know, but more cholesterol is found in ice cream than in hamburgers, so stay away from ice cream if you have high BP.

Avoid Pickles:

Pickles also contain a high amount of sodium, so avoid eating pickles if you have high blood pressure. Salt is used to preserve any food item. And pickles are salted and preserved vegetables that are dipped in oil or vinegar for flavor. To reduce the consumption of pickles.

Avoid Red Meat:

Although the amount of fat in chicken is very less, after cooking it, the amount of cholesterol and fat increase it, which is very harmful in high blood pressure. So if you are a victim of high blood pressure, avoid meat and chicken as far as possible.

Avoid Smoking:

Cigarette smoke contains nicotine, it is not only harmful to your lungs but is also very dangerous for the heart. If you are smoking, you are harming yourself as well as those around you. So quit smoking as soon as possible.


Candies, toffees, and chocolate bars also cause an increase in the sodium level of the body. They also increase the level of sugar to dangerous amounts, which also increases blood pressure. Consumption of sugary foods in high amounts also leads to obesity which causes heart diseases.

Carbonated Drinks:

Carbonated drinks also do nothing but increase the harmful sugar level in the body. Carbonated drinks cause a lot of diseases and also increase blood pressure. This also causes dehydration. Avoiding carbonated drinks is good for your health.

In case of high blood pressure, along with taking the advice of the doctor, it is very important to pay attention to the food.

There are many foods that further increase the blood pressure in the body. We are going to tell about such foods, which are advised not to consume or in very small amounts in case of high blood pressure.

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