The Paleo Diet has been called the caveman or cavewoman diet with good reason: it’s based on the diet that our primal ancestors lived on the back before wheat was harvested. While there are definitely cons to the Paleo Diet, there are also some health benefits to eating as humans did 10,000 years ago. There are many paleo diet benefits. Below I am giving some of those paleo diet benefits. Check below…

paleo diet benefits

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Helps To Lose Weight:

For many of us, this ranks at the top of the list in terms of benefits. Weight loss is one great advantage, but studies have proven that the Paleo diet is not just about flash in the pan weight loss and rather ongoing sustained weight loss. A recent study showed that even over a 2 year period the Paleo diet comes out on top. This could be due to increased satiety and a number of other factors but we love this benefit!

Healthier Gut:

Your gut is your second brain: it houses the trillions of microbes, or gut flora, that help digest food, synthesize vitamins, boost your immune system and regulate metabolism. By removing foods that irritate this system and restoring it with foods that promote its health, the Paleo diet can contribute to a healthier gut.

Reduce Inflammation

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Reduce Inflammation:

Inflammation, caused by damage to the lining of your digestive system, can cause increased sensitivity in your immune system. This triggers allergies, asthma, and more. The Paleo diet eliminates four major inflammation culprits: dairy, gluten, sugar, and alcohol. This is one of the paleo diet benefits.

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Better Sleep:

With a holistic approach to health, going Paleo treats your mind, body, and soul. While your diet is important, so is your fitness and self-care. This includes adequate sleep hygiene. With a properly fueled body, you’ll be more inclined to sleep smarter.

Better Mental Health:

A healthy, balanced diet can do tremendous things for your mental health and wellness. Better nutrition breeds more energy, mental clarity, and physical fitness. Coupled with better sleep, self-care, and regular exercise, the Paleo diet can help you to cultivate a healthy headspace.

Lesser Cravings:

The Paleo diet calls for an increase in the intake of protein and healthy fats compared to the typical Western diet, both of which promote satiety. Unlike other diets, you won’t end a meal feeling deprived, just satisfied. This is one of the paleo diet benefits.


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By eliminating filler foods like grains and legumes (which themselves slow the absorption of nutrients due to the presence of phytates), you’ll incorporate more nutrient-dense foods like vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds into your meals.

Improve Lipid Profiles:

According to the CDC, 1 in 4 deaths in America is due to heart disease. It is also the leading cause of death for both men and women. High LDL (bad cholesterol) is one of the main risk factors for heart disease, which can be improved through the Paleo diet.

Fewer Toxins:

Cutting out food additives, as the Paleo diet does, helps in reducing exposure to toxins. So does the increased consumption of antioxidant-rich vegetables, fruits, and spices. Detoxification boosts your immune system, promoting healing from within. This is one of the paleo diet benefits.

Increase Energy:

The Paleo diet encourages eating to live, not living to eat. Generally, you’re eating foods that fuel your body rather than plummet your energy levels think eggs with spinach, bacon, and salsa for breakfast, instead of a donut or pancake leaving you with more energy to face the day. This is one of the paleo diet benefits.

Boost Immune System

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Boost Immune System:

Buying fresh, wholesome and unprocessed food can get quite expensive. What is really expensive though is being sick. Medication and time off work can cost us far more now and in the future. One of the incredible benefits of eating much more vegetables and fruit with every meal is the strengthening of your immune system. This translates to your body being able to fight off germs and viruses far more effectively than others who eat poorly.

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