Ketogenic Diet Side Effects

The keto diet or ketogenic diet was at first intended to treat severe contraction in newborn baby and kids. As a mediation diet, it was planned to be regulated for brief timeframes under the supervision of a restorative group. Presently the keto diet is famous for its quick weight reduction symptoms, the eating routine has moved to the standard of a low-carb diet and consequently, ketogenic diet side effects are too dangerous sometimes.

As per the ketogenic diet, one can eat all the fat and less the carbs. Thus the plan appears to be a supernatural occurrence diet for the individuals who are hoping to get more fit quick. Research has demonstrated that the keto diet can fundamentally decrease body weight, LDL cholesterol, and blood glucose or sugar levels quickly and leaves a significant effect on the body.

Let’s now discuss these ketogenic diet side effects

Keto Flu

Under the keto diet sometimes people encounter with negative symptoms soon after starting the diet plan or after a few months. Such symptoms are called keto flu or low-carb flu. In this type of flu,ple encounter the symptoms such as:



Brain fog

Poor sleep

Increase hunger, and many more.

Such keto flu though does not stay for a long time. It lasts for maximum a week or more few days.

Elevated Heart Rate

Elevated Heart Rate

Due to weakness sometimes people suffer from racing heart, heart palpitation as at the beginning low-carb fails to produce sufficient energy for our body. This problem also can be caused due to the dehydration or because of the low salt intake, all of a sudden or may be due to the excessive amount of coffee drinking. Generally, this problem goes away in a few days. But if you continue to experience such increased heartbeat rate then you have it take action against it. Either consult a dietitian or increase the level of carbohydrate in your diet plan.

It May Cause Gastrointestinal Problems or Constipation

Constipation is one the most common ketogenic diet side effects. Besides constipation, one can experience various other digestive problems due to insufficient fiber intake and insufficient water or liquid intake.


Sometimes people also encounter with diarrhea at the beginning of the keto diet. Due to the digestion problem, people tend to get such a problem. But with time it goes away.

Muscles Cramp

Muscles Cramp

In keto diet, people may encounter with leg or any other muscle cramps. Although these muscle cramps are usually a minor hassle, these kinds of muscles cramps can be very painful at times. Leg muscle cramps in keto diet are usually occurred due to loss of minerals and dehydration as in keto diet the water or liquid intake decreases incredibly.

Bad Breath Problem

Bad breath problem is another most common ketogenic diet side effects. This problem generally caused due to the acetone and ketone. This ketone or acetone is produced from the fat metabolism in our body which elevates and thus our body gets rid of it via breath. But not only the breath that smells bad, sometimes urine too smells like acetone.

There are some more ketogenic diet side effects rather than these. But besides the side effects, the keto diet has some compelling benefits too. More or less every diet comes with a side effect along with significant benefits. So, at last, all can be said is that if you wish to lose some extra weight easily and quickly then keto diet is quite apt but before going for any diet one should consult a dietitian to get an appropriate result with fewer side effects.

Keep yourself updated with such diet information and stay healthy.

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