vitamin D foods for vegetarians

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Vitamin D plays an important role to make our body healthy. It is soluble in fat and helps in the absorption of calcium from our intestines to the bones. Due to its deficiency in the body, there is a danger of many diseases. Vitamin D is supplied with hydroxycholesterol and ultraviolet rays. Apart from this, a lot of vitamin D is also found in some foods. So let’s see which are the vitamin D foods for vegetarians.

It can be said that people, especially women, have problems related to bones and muscles. If this problem is ignored, then it takes the form of a big disease. Today’s situation is that every third person is having problems related to muscles and bones. One way of dealing with this problem is vitamin D, which is very important for the strength of bones and the immunity of the body. So, let’s know about vitamin D foods for vegetarians.

Vitamin D Foods For Vegetarians:

The main source of vitamin D is Sunlight. Vitamin D is also available in meat, fish, and eggs. Below I am giving some vitamin d foods for vegetarians. See those below…


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Mushroom is one of a vitamin D foods for vegetarians. This is a vegetable that transforms the sun’s ultraviolet light into vitamin D. But not all types of mushrooms grow in light. So you have to find Vitamin ‘D’-rich mushrooms. And a cup of three ounces of size, 400 IU Vitamin ‘D’ in the mushroom.


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Milk is one of the best vitamin D foods for vegetarians. According to the National Institute of Health, the processed foods and drinks mixed with additional nutrients can be an important source of this vitamin. Usually, milk is processed by mixing Vitamin ‘D’. A glass of eight ounces can supply 100 IU Vitamin to the body. A cup of six ounces is covered with ‘D’ vitamin 80 IU.

Orange Juice

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Orange Juice:

Orange juice is another vitamin D foods for vegetarians. There are some good brands in the market, who add Vitamin D to make orange juice. Although it is given in other juices, orange juice can retain vitamin content. Therefore, good brand juice for Vitamin-D can be eaten. However, before packing, take a look at the packet, what is the material made of it.


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However, Vitamin D is abundant in all types of cheese, but Vitamin D is less in comparison to other food items. Ricotta cheese contains enough vitamin K as compared to other paneer. So add it to your diet. Cheese is one of the vitamin D foods for vegetarians.

Soya Milk

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Soya Milk:

Soy milk is a very good source of calcium and vitamin D. Soy milk is made from vegetable flora which is made from dry soybean. Dry soya beans are soaked in water and then put them in the mixer and run with water. Soya Milk contains Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and Iron. Soy milk is one of the vitamin D foods for vegetarians.


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Dairy products such as cottage cheese, cheese and yogurt are added to vitamin D, so that the calcium in the body is well absorbed. To keep the body young and healthy, the curd is considered very good food. Eating 20 cups of Vitamin D on a day you get your day’s requirement. Yogurt is one of the vitamin D foods for vegetarians.


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Oats is another vitamin D foods for vegetarians. Oats is a diet rich in vitamin D found in abundance. Along with vitamin D, other healthier vitamins and mineral salts are found in the oats. By eating cup oatmeal, approximately 26 percent of the vitamin D body gets. But before buying the oatmeal, carefully check the packet carefully if the oats contain essential nutrients or else the ultimate meal will not be more beneficial.


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Butter contains a significant amount of vitamin D but less Some people believe that butter contains more saturated fats, but it is important to give this information that the body needs saturated fats to absorb the antioxidant and vitamin D. So eat butter in limited quantities and include butter in balanced diet too. Butter is another vitamin D foods for vegetarians.

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Tofu is a highly nutritious meal in which proteins, calcium, iron and vitamin D are found abundantly. Tofu contains high amounts of calcium and plant-based chemicals such as isoflavones, which help in keeping bones healthy. By consuming only one and a half cup of tofu rich in calcium, you can fulfill your 20% requirement of daily calcium. You can add smoothed or sauces in it, apply jute or tofu instead of meat, and make it curry by light frying it. Tofu is one of the best vitamin D foods for vegetarians.


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Almond is another source of vitamin D foods for vegetarians. Almond is a food which is very much nutritious and also helps to cure many health problems. Almond is very much rich in vitamin D.

Sunflower Oil

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Sunflower Oil:

Sunflower Oil is a great source of vitamin D. Sunflower oil is very much healthy for our body and also helps to decrease the deficiency of vitamin D.


What are the benefits of taking Vitamin D?

By consuming vitamin D in the right amount, bones, teeth, and muscles remain strong. Lack of vitamin D can cause joint pain.

What are the foods rich in Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is found in many foods such as salmon, raw mushrooms, cooked fish, cereals and oatmeal, orange juice, soy milk, cow’s milk, ready-to-eat cereals, soy yogurt, etc.

Is Vitamin D beneficial for the skin?

Vitamin D is very important for the skin. With the help of vitamin D, new skin cells come and are also correct. Vitamin D helps reduce the risk of free radicals.

How much vitamin D should be consumed in a day?

According to the Mayo Clinic, at least 600 IU of vitamin D should be consumed.

Is Vitamin D Beneficial For Hair?

Vitamin D deficiency can increase hair loss, so include vitamin D in the diet.

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