Raw food diet is a merely another term to consume fresh foods. Since the 1800s the raw food diet has been around the world but in recent years it has come to popularity. Eating raw food has many benefits for human health. So Let’s get to know more about the raw food diet and raw food diet meal plan.

What Is The Raw Food Diet

What Is The Raw Food Diet?

We all know the benefits of raw vegetables, fruits, seeds, and nuts on our bodies. The raw food diet is precisely based on that. Raw food diet raw is composed of raw, unprocessed food and foods that never have been heated over 40–48°C. The foods included should not be even pasteurized, refined, or treated with pesticides.

The raw food diet meal plan is generally plant-based but some people also consume raw fish, meat, eggs, and dairy.

People who follow the raw food diet have experienced many benefits that include weight loss, improvement to chronic diseases, increased energy, improved overall health, improved vitality, and a reduced impact on the environment.


The Raw Food Diet Meal Plans are simply based on eating fresh, vegetables, unprocessed fruits, unprocessed seeds, unprocessed nuts, and sprouted grains.

How To Start?

To start the raw food diet you have to eat at least 75% raw food. Raw food diets are made of fresh vegetables, fruits, sprouted grains, seeds, and nuts. The foods cannot be cooked but you can apply different preparation methods, Like sprouting, soaking, dehydrating, blending, and juicing.


A person who is maintaining a raw food diet has been experienced many health benefits of a raw diet like clearer skin, weight loss, better digestion, increased energy, and a healthy heart.

So let see raw food diet meal plan to get benefits like this…

Raw Food Diet Meal Plan

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Raw Food Diet Meal Plan:

Successful raw food diet meal plans should abandon you feeling satisfied, full, and stimulated.

A raw food diet meal plan is based on the foods which are raw, fresh and unprocessed. If you want to start a raw food diet you need a raw food diet meal plan at first. Here I am giving you a perfect raw food diet meal plan to start. So let’s check out the raw food diet meal plan


Raw food diet meal plan tends to include a large bowl of fruit for breakfast. You can also include a green smoothie, raw granola raw oatmeal, Chia seed pudding with fruit, Raw banana pancakes and fruit for breakfast.

Morning Snack

Morning Snack:

A raw food diet meal plan typically recommends a few slices of fruit like Carrots, Apple, and a small portion of raw seeds or nuts for a mid-morning snack.



For lunch, a raw food diet meal plan may include a range of options like salads with extra virgin olive oil, crushed, nuts or avocado, Raw squash noodle, Sprouted quinoa bowl or a bowl of soup.

Afternoon Snack:

For an afternoon snack, you can include some fresh fruit, raw crackers, seeds, and nuts.


For dinner, you can have in your raw food diet meal plan a veggie burger patty, raw pizza, Raw zucchini noodle, Stuffed portobello mushrooms, Raw lasagna, Raw tomato soup, Raw veggie sushi



Yes, you can add dessert to your raw food diet meal plan. You can eat raw brownies, raw cheesecake, sweet raw puddings and sweet fruits like cherry, strawberry.


It is believed that cooked foods are unhealthy to human because it lessens their nutrient content, wipes out the natural enzymes in foods.

Fresh foods are a beneficial part of a diet plan. But a raw food diet can be a tough thing to keep up for a few reasons. So try to maintain it to have good health.

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