Indian Veg Diet Chart For Weight Gain

Nowadays most of the people are suffering from obesity, but there are many people who are suffering from their thin body. The body and immunity of such people start getting weak. Healthy lifestyle is also a major factor for weight gain. Therefore, lean people should adopt a healthy lifestyle to gain weight. Weight can also be increased with proper diet and exercise. So, see below indian veg diet chart for weight gain.

Include high calories in the diet to gain weight:

To gain weight, you need to eat a high calorie diet. For this, bran-free flour, roti, rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, full cream milk should be included in the diet. Eat curd, cheese, semolina, jaggery, chocolate. Apart from this, banana, mango, sapota, litchi, dates should be consumed in fruits. You can drink honey with homemade ghee, bread, butter, milk or chocolate. These will give high calories to the body.

Consume fast food made at home:

Homemade laddus, milkshakes, boiled gram, cheese sandwiches, sago pudding should be eaten twice between meals. Apart from this, you can also eat corn salad, dates, jaggery-chickpeas, almonds-currants. This will give you energy and also increase your weight.

Take a diet rich in protein:

Weight loss also weakens the muscles, so to strengthen the muscles, protein-rich foods should be consumed. Pulses, kidney beans, gram, black eyed peas, fish, meat, curd and eggs should be eaten.

Consume plenty of fruits and vegetables:

Among fruits, you can eat banana, mango, gram, litchi, grapes, custard apple, dates. So among vegetables, you can eat things that grow in the ground like potatoes, sweet potatoes and carrots.

Consumption of dry fruits is beneficial:

Eating 300 to 400 extra calories per day helps in gaining weight. Soak raisins overnight and eat them in the morning. The difference will be visible in two to three months. Also, raisins work to convert fat into healthy calories. Eating walnuts will also be a good option to overcome leanness, as it contains mono unsaturated fat. This is very beneficial.

Include protein-rich diet along with exercise:

Exercise is very important. You can exercise with the help of a fitness trainer. This will strengthen the body and toning the body. To gain weight, take a protein-rich diet after exercise. It helps in muscle growth. You can eat cheese, boiled egg or boiled chicken.

Stay away from junk food:

Junk food should be consumed as little as possible. This leads to weight gain in the wrong way, due to which the body has to face many diseases. Therefore, avoid eating outside.

To gain weight, you can follow a special diet. For this, you have to take a different diet every day for 7 days. After this, repeat it again. By following this diet plan for about 1 month, your weight can increase to some extent.

Indian Veg Diet Chart For Weight Gain:

Breakfast- One bowl of vegetable upma and a glass of almond milk

Mid morning- One bowl of seasonal fruit, sprinkle cinnamon powder in it

Lunch- 2 wheat roti, soya masala curry and mint chutney

Snacks- One bowl of sprouts

Dinner- Sweet potato cheese wrap and mint chutney

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