Here Are The Indian Raw Food Recipes

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Are you looking for a healthy and tasty raw diet food recipes? Then why don’t you try these Indian raw food recipes and decorate your usual raw diet? These recipes are different with so many flavors, ingredients, colors, and textures.

Having raw food is quite like to veganism because it’s plant-based and generally it comprises of vegetables, fruits, seeds, and nuts. Indian raw food recipes are mostly plant-based; however, there are several recipes that include raw eggs, raw meat, and even raw fish. In our busy lives we have been so much caught up with our processed foods and fast foods, that is the procedure we mislaid touch with the nourishments that Nature has delivered us with, live enzymes, palatable, healthy, in fact, which are just right for us.

If you have not fallen in love with raw food yet, then you will soon fall after trying some of these Indian raw vegan dishes and will fall in love with these Indian Raw food recipes.

Here Are The Indian Raw Food Recipes:

Here we have some active yet healthy and tasty Indian Raw Food Recipes to help you achieve your goal of getting in shape with the help of raw food diet.

Here we go…

Homemade Peanut Butter

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Homemade Peanut Butter

When you make your peanut butter you may well ask why you’ve been getting it every one of these years. It is genuinely directly placing peanuts in a nourishment processor for 2 to 3 minutes. Indeed, even with scratching it out of the processor and cleaning up, the entire thing takes under 10 minutes. A correct formula, for example, it is, in addition to a ton of varieties for seasoned peanut butter and other nut kinds of butter that are similarly as simple to make is underneath.


  • Two cups of unsalted and roasted peanuts
  • Half tsp. of sea salt
  • One tbsp. of peanut oil only if you want to.

Steps to Make It

Put the peanuts and salt in a nourishment processor.

Spin until the point when they turned out to be peanut butter, something like 2, and up to 3 minutes. At first, the peanuts will be slashed, at that point bunch together into a ball, lastly break separated into smooth nut butter. If you need a more slender peanut butter, include the discretionary peanut oil and spin to join. Taste and include more salt, if you like.

Exchange the peanut butter to a container or other holder and cover. On the off chance that your custom made nut butter isolates—oil ascends to the best—you should merely mix that oil back in. An absence of counterfeit stabilizers gives the solids and oil a chance to isolate; not the slightest bit does this flag the nut butter “turning sour.” When nut butter turns sour, you can smell it—they go up against a rotten aroma.

Crisp nut butter will keep up to a little while at room temperature (recall, it’s merely nuts!) or up to a year in the ice chest.

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Coconut And Cabbage Preparation

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Coconut And Cabbage Preparation

This recipe is one of the easiest but takes a little time to be prepared adequately.


  • 1 Cup of freshly grated coconut
  • 1 medium cabbage
  • Sea salt as per taste

How to make it

To make Raw Vegetarian Deco Salad with just some Indian spices such as freshly grated coconut or raw flaked coconut, a single medium-sized cabbage Coal salad turn into a foreign cure.

To convert a raw dish into your main meal, you can try adding some raw gluten, perhaps cashew nuts or peanuts. You have to give sufficient time to this dish beforehand it prepares fully. It will be worth waiting, I promise!

You can also try these dishes for your raw diet plan.

Avocado, Raw Wagon Summer Salad With Fresh Corn and Tomatoes

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Avocado, Raw Wagon Summer Salad With Fresh Corn and Tomatoes

The flavors of American Southwest inspire raw powdered heat corn and avocado salad. You can make this easy raw chopped salad recipe by using a light paneer, tomatoes, and avocados and for dressing add fresh corn and lime.

If it is time for fresh, seasonal corn, then it’s a beautiful and healthy Way to use it in these Indian Raw food recipes

Gourmet grapes and fennel salads

Raw Tea Grapes, Fennel, and Avocado Salad are one of the famous raw chopped salad Indian Raw food recipes. To prepare this dish to add grapefruit, avocado and finely chopped fennel in a bowl. Prepare this with medium nut oil and lime juice.

Add a touch of sea salt and fresh chilies to bring the flavor out, and you’ve got a gourmet salad that is just right for your raw diet

Veggie Salad Drawn with Raw Farm Dressing

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Veggie Salad Drawn with Raw Farm Dressing

Like any vegetable or green color that you like in your salad to toss in this raw, as is actually amazing raw farm dressing (made of Macadamia nuts) which actually makes the dish recipe bell pepper, zucchini and Calling for Jicamas, which will significantly reduce it, but try dressing on the spinach or a bed of your favorite raw food salad.

Try these recipes for your raw food diet plan.

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