foods to avoid in first month of pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a very important period of a woman’s life. During pregnancy, mothers-to-be have to keep an eye on every subject. At the time, for the proper growth of the fetus, women have to eat healthy foods. And do you know that there are certain foods to avoid in first month of pregnancy? Here, we are providing the list of foods to avoid in first month of pregnancy.

Foods To Avoid in First Month of Pregnancy:

You have ensured that which foods are considered healthy, which are risky to eat during pregnancy. There are many foods that may be healthy but may cause miscarriage. It is important to avoid these foods especially during the first three months of pregnancy. Therefore, it should be taken care of with caution at this time. Take a look at the foods to avoid in first month of pregnancy.



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Pregnant mothers should not eat pineapple during their first three months of pregnancy. Pineapple has a type of ‘Bromeline’ material. It can be caused by maternal diarrhea, allergy to abortions. Therefore, these fruits should be excluded from the food list during pregnancy.

Sesame Seeds:

Sesame Seeds

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Pregnant women should not eat more sesame seed. Milling with sesame seeds mixed with honey can lead to miscarriage. So this is one of the foods to avoid in first month of pregnancy.

Animal Liver:

Animal Liver

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The liver is quite healthy food. Vitamin-rich in it. But it is a risky diet for the baby in the womb. Playing one or two in the month will not do much harm. But daily play can be harmful to the fetus.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera

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Aloe vera is good for hair, skin, and digestion. However, alopecia should not be avoided during pregnancy. This is one of the foods to avoid in first month of pregnancy as it can cause an abortion.



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Raw or semi-seasoned papaya is very harmful to pregnant women. Raw papaya has an element called latex which can cause events like abortion. Experts say papaya can be eaten.

But it must be planted. Currently, most of the time, papaya is packed with chemical substances. This ripe papaya is harmful. This is one of the foods to avoid in first month of pregnancy.

Unsaturated Milk:

Unsaturated Milk

There are lactarian bacteria in untreated milk or raw milk. So, milk cannot be boiled properly, it cannot be milked. Avoid eating cooked foods like non-communicable milk, such as soft cheese.

Raw or Semi-Perfect Meat:

Raw or Semi-Perfect Meat

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Raw or semi-boiled meat cannot be eaten. It will also stop eating processed foods such as sausage, salami, pepper etc. Semi-finished meat can contain bacteria. Raw meat contains salmonella, coliform bacteria, and toxoplasmosis, which is harmful to pregnant women. Fish at 145 degrees temperature, meat must be cooked.

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Although coffee is effective for fatigue, it should be reduced in pregnancy. Tea, coffee, etc. have caffeine. It is not okay to accept more than 200 milligrams of caffeine daily. Because of extra caffeine, low birth weight is born, and there is also a risk of premature miscarriage.

The mother also has to abstain from taking smoking and alcohol. They cause terrible damage to both the mother and the child. So refrain from drinking tea with caffeine, drinking coffee.



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It blocks the different parts of your infant’s childlike brain, nerve, etc. Not only alcohol but all foods that contain alcohol have to be eaten and refrained.



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It contains vitamins, iron, and potassium. These are good for the body. However, there is also a variety of components called alpha-sitostanol, which is harmful in pregnancy. It can cause an abortion.



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For those who love grapes, stay away from eating grapes during pregnancy. Grapes can cause Daria-like diseases to warm your stomach. So keep away the favorite fruit for 9 months. This is one of the foods to avoid in first month of pregnancy



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Many people like to eat crabs. These contain high amounts of calcium. But during pregnancy, it should be avoided to eat more crabs during pregnancy. It causes the internal bloodshed by contracting the uterus. In addition, it contains high cholesterol. It is also harmful to pregnant women.

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