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There are a lot of diet plans for weight loss easily but not all diets give you useful results. To achieve your goal of losing weight you need a proper diet plan and the South Beach diet menu plan is certainly one of those proper diet plans. Let’s know more about the South Beach diet menu.


South Beach diet menu is a kind of diet plan that has both good fats and carbs and also bad fats and carbs. But to lose weight you will have to choose between good and bad fats and carbs. Under this South Beach diet menu, there is a lot of food listed. These are:

  • Fish
  • Dairy-like cheese skillet, and cheddar cheese
  • Bony proteins like turkey, chicken, pork, and many more
  • Dry fruits and nuts

South Beach’s diet menu contains a higher amount of protein and a lower amount of carbohydrates and good fats.

South Beach diet has 3 phases. These phases are described below:

“Phase 1”

Phase one of the South Beach diet menu lasts for one to two weeks. This phase helps one to kill the eating cravings. Under this phase, there are 3 meals a day along with two snacks.

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Breakfast and morning snack menu

Two scrambled egg or coconut almond bars for breakfast and a South Beach shake or fresh non-starchy vegetables or tomato juice for a morning snack

Lunch and afternoon snack menu

Chicken or Turkey Roma and fresh non-starchy vegetables for lunch and dark chocolate or nut bar for the afternoon snack

Dinner menu

Beef along with cheese and non-starchy vegetables for dinner time meal.

“Phase 2”

In this phase, there are more meals as compared to phase one, but the portion of the meal is lesser. This phase lasts for at least 2 weeks.

Breakfast and morning snack menu

Boiled egg, Avocado, and salad for breakfast and full-fat Greek yogurt for a morning snack.

Lunch and afternoon snack menu

Whole-grain bread one slice, mayo one tablespoon especially olive oil based, and turkey or chicken for lunch. Take one avocado or orange for the afternoon snack.

Dinner and evening snack menu

Take 85-gram pork, half a cup of olives, half a cup of pasta for dinner, and 28 grams of cheddar cheese for the evening snack.

“Phase 3”

This phase is your target phase. Here the meal is less than in the previous two phases. These are

Breakfast menu

1 large fried egg with 1 cut Granary bread and 2 rashers flame broiled lean bacon and then 1 avocado if you want for breakfast.

Lunchtime menu

A fish plate of mixed greens produced using 1 little fish in saline solution, 1 tomato, romaine lettuce, ½ medium-sized avocado, cucumber, 10 radishes, and 3 sticks of celery along with 2 tablespoons olive oil, 2 tablespoons lemon juice for the lunchtime meal.

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Dinner time menu

Barbecued chicken bosom with 6 tablespoon couscous and a plate of mixed greens produced using romaine lettuce, steamed asparagus, a fragment of feta cheddar 7 dark olives, and 2 tablespoon sugar for dinner time meal.

This South Beach diet menu will help you to lose weight easily and quickly.

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