South Indian Diet Plan For Weight Gain

How to gain weight, what to eat to gain weight, diet chart to gain weight, what to eat to build a body? These are questions whose answers many people want to know. In today’s time, weight gain is undoubtedly a serious problem but there are many people who are troubled by their low weight.

Many people troubled by low weight start eating various types of mass gainers or protein powder boxes to gain weight. Well-known fitness trainer Nitesh Soni believes that the protein powder available in the market only makes the body swell, it does not give real strength. So, see below south Indian diet plan for weight gain.

South Indian Diet Plan For Weight Gain:

What is the easy way to gain weight? Nitesh told that if you want to gain 4 kg weight in 15 days, then you should follow the weight gainer diet chart given below along with gym. This will increase your weight in a healthy way and will also strengthen the muscles.

What to eat for breakfast to gain weight

100 grams of porridge

50 grams of peanuts

5 grams of jaggery

One banana

Eat these things two hours after breakfast

50 grams of soya chunks

200 grams of curd and some raw vegetables

What to eat for lunch to gain weight

Rice with rajma or lentils

One glass of buttermilk

One teaspoon of ghee


What to eat in pre-workout meal

Eat 200 grams of potato or sweet potato at least 90 minutes before workout. Sprinkle black salt on top.

What to eat after workout to gain weight

For this you should take sattu shake, the things required to make it include-

50 grams of roasted gram

200 grams of low fat milk

2 dates

One banana

5 grams of jaggery

What to eat for dinner to gain weight

150 grams of paneer bhurji

2 rotis

One teaspoon of ghee

Consume these things to gain weight:

Milk and banana:

To gain weight, you can consume banana and milk. Bananas contain plenty of calories which give energy to the body and when eaten mixed with milk, it can act as a perfect protein supplement.


To gain weight, you can also consume almonds and milk. For this, soak 4-5 almonds in water every night and grind them in the morning and mix them in milk and consume it. This can help in increasing your weight.

Gram and Dates:

Both gram and dates are considered very beneficial for health. Both contain plenty of nutrients. Eating both of them together can help in increasing weight.

Butter and Dry Fruits:

Including butter and dry fruits in your diet can help you gain weight. Consuming them regularly increases your appetite, which makes you eat more food and this can also help you gain weight.

Meat and Eggs:

If you eat non-veg, then definitely include mutton or chicken in your diet. Both of these contain a lot of fat. Also, both of them are considered good sources of protein. Consuming them daily can help you gain weight.

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