Best 1200 Calorie Diet Plan Indian Vegetarian

Weight loss can feel like a constant battle between deprivation and desire. But what if you could achieve your goals without sacrificing flavor or feeling constantly hungry? Fear not, because the 1200-calorie diet plan might be your answer, offering a path to weight loss without feeling deprived. So, see below 1200 calorie diet plan Indian vegetarian.

What Is A 1200 Calorie Diet Plan Indian Vegetarian?

A 1200-calorie diet is a plan that restricts daily calorie intake to 1200 calories. This is significantly lower than the typical recommended daily intake of 2000-2500 calories for adults, making it a very low-calorie die. But if prepared correctly, a 1200-calorie meal plan can provide you with nutrients and help you lose weight. The 1200 healthy calorie plan spends enough time restricting beneficial foods to burn beneficial fat.

Indian diet plan for weight loss will provide you with an idea of what ideally a 1200 calorie Indian meal looks like. Although you must understand that this is just a generalized Indian diet plan for weight loss, it may or may not suit your weight loss goal as there are chances your body requirements will be different.

1200 Calorie Diet Plan Indian Vegetarian For Weight Loss:

An Ideal Indian diet plan for weight loss can be designed keeping in mind the person’s individual requirements. Every person has a different caloric requirement. The calorie requirement is based on various factors like age, sex, medical conditions, activity levels, metabolism, etc. If you are willing to begin with a 1200 calorie meal plan to lose weight, here is an example of a 1200 calorie Indian diet plan for weight loss:

Early morning:

1 glass of lukewarm lemon water


1 cup milk with oats / 1 bowl veg poha / 1 bowl veg upma / 1 bowl sprouts chaat/ 1 veg rava uttapam with chutney/ 1 egg white omelet with brown bread toast


1 glass coconut water with 1 fruit ( apple/ orange/ guava/ pomegranate/pear/papaya)


2 wheat or multigrain chapati with 1 bowl mixed dal / whole moong dal/rajma/desi chana/egg white curry / stir-fried chicken curry + 1 cucumber


1 cup green tea + 1 small bowl roasted chana/ roasted makhana/roasted peanuts/ rice puffs / jowar puffs


1 roti + 1 bowl seasonal veg + 1 bowl veg raita


1 glass of lukewarm water with black pepper powder


Understand the reason behind your weight. If your weight is attributed to hormonal issues, diet alone cannot help you in weight loss. You will need to take medical support as well. If a sedentary lifestyle is a reason behind your weight, exercising will be equally important as is dieting.

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