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The liver is an organ of our body which always needs proper care. If this does not happen, it can be very easily damaged. But nowadays due to the changing lifestyle, our liver get affected most. One of these is the Fatty Liver. The problem of fatty liver is the major in these diseases. But by changing the lifestyle, this disease can be avoided. So, take a look at fatty liver foods to avoid here.

What Is Fatty Liver?

Many times during the course of treatment you would have heard doctors say that there is a problem of fatty liver. Actually, fat increases in the liver, which is the increase in fat stored in liver cells, is called the fatty liver.

There are two types of Fatty Liver. The first one is non-alcoholic fatty liver and the second is alcoholic fatty liver.

Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver:

People who do not consume alcohol or do consume in less amounts may have problems with non-alcoholic fatty liver. This situation is very common worldwide, especially in Western countries. In the US, about 8 to 10 million people are affected by this disease.

Alcoholic Fatty Liver:

At the same time, the disease of alcoholic fatty liver can occur to those people who drink lots of alcohol. Even if the person continues to drink alcohol after this condition, then it can cause alcoholic hepatitis, liver failure, cirrhosis, and even liver cancer.

If you are facing the problem of fatty liver you should avoid some foods. So, let’s know the fatty liver foods to avoid.

Fatty Liver Foods To Avoid:

Here I am mentioning some foods that fatty lier patients should avoid. So, see below to know which those foods are…

Reduce Sugar Intake


Reduce Sugar Intake:

More sugar intake is more harmful to you because eating more sugar can increase the level of sugar in your blood. Higher levels of sugar in the blood cause more fat accumulation in the liver. In addition, fatty liver patients should not drink tea and coffee.

Do Not Drink Alcohol


Do Not Drink Alcohol:

Alcohol is very harmful for fatty liver patients. Generally drinking too much alcohol is harmful to the liver. In addition, alcohol also gives birth to other liver-related diseases. Therefore patients of fatty liver should not drink alcohol, and if there is only one drink then drink very little alcohol (but keep in mind that it is harming you).

Avoid Sugary Foods


Avoid Sugary Foods:

Do not drink sugar-containing beverages such as soda and fruit juices. Sugar like fructose and corn syrup are also harmful. Keep in mind that the quantity of sugar is very high in cartons and baked foods. Therefore do not eat sugar-containing foods like candy, or ice cream.

Do Not Eat Fried Foods


Do Not Eat Fried Foods:

Foods that are more fried contain more calories, which can increase your weight by eating. So, patients with fatty liver should not eat fried foods. They can switch fried foods with baked foods.

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Reduce Salt Intake


Reduce Salt Intake:

Patients with fatty liver should reduce salt intake. You can add more spices and herbs to the place of salt. Doing so will make your food salty without salt and you will also be saved by eating more salt.

Avoid Red Meat


Avoid Red Meat:

Fatty liver patients should not eat red meat like pork, or mutton. Red meat is very harmful to fatty liver patients. Fish should be eaten without lean meat. So eating meat of fat on place of red meat is beneficial for fatty liver patients.

Avoid Refined Grains


Avoid Refined Grains:

Refined Grains is one of the fatty liver foods to avoid. White bread, pasta and white rice such as processed and refined grains are extremely harmful. To prepare the refined cereals, they have to go through many processes and during this process the fibers found in it are isolated. When cereals become fiber-free, increase blood sugar levels. At the place of the refined grains, you can eat the whole grains.

Foods To Include In Fatty Liver Disease Diet:

Fatty liver is a disease in which an excessive amount of fat accumulates in the liver cells. It is normal to have fat in the liver, but it can be harmful to the body if it is in excess.

One of the reasons for having fatty liver is also our poor lifestyle, due to which we become vulnerable to this disease. Due to the problem of fatty liver disease, the liver becomes unable to function normally. The liver is one of the most important organs of our body. It not only works to detoxify the body but can also break down carbohydrates and make glucose.

Lack of vitamin B in the body is also the reason for having fatty liver disease. This problem is seen more in those who drink alcohol. To avoid fatty liver disease, you can consume things rich in anti-oxidants. Fatty liver disease is becoming very common, its effect is being seen in most people in today’s time. If you want to avoid this problem. So you can include some things in your diet.

Broken Wheat:

Broken Wheat is considered very beneficial for health. Consuming Broken Wheat can be beneficial for people suffering from fatty liver disease. Apart from this, oatmeal can work to benefit many problems related to the stomach.


If you are troubled by a fatty liver disease problem, then the consumption of coffee can be beneficial for you. Coffee can help in reducing the fat stored in the liver. Apart from this, it can help reduce chronic liver disease.


Amla is considered to be full of medicinal properties. Vitamin C is found in abundance in Amla. Antioxidant properties are also found in Amla. Not only this, but it can also help in making the liver work faster. Fatty liver disease can be reduced by consuming raw gooseberry daily. You can use it in the form of chutney, pickle, and juice.


Eating dry fruits can be beneficial in fatty liver disease. Nuts are considered to be full of nutritional properties. Which can help in protecting health from many problems. The properties of vitamins, minerals, and fiber are found in abundance in nuts. They can also help in keeping digestion better.

Green Vegetables:

Make broccoli, spinach, cabbage, a part of your diet. It helps in reducing your weight and thus keeps a major cause of fatty liver disease under control.


In a study conducted by an American university on rats, it has been found that soy protein found in tofu is effective in reducing the fat stored in the liver. In addition, tofu is low in fat and high in protein.


Omega-3 fatty acids are found more in salmon, sardines, tuna, and trout fishes. Omega-3 fatty acids help improve the level of fat in the liver and they also reduce inflammation.


Walnuts contain omega-3 fatty acids, omega-6 fatty acids, and antioxidant properties, which are beneficial for those with fatty liver disease. It has been proved in research that people who are suffering from fatty liver disease should eat walnuts because it makes their liver health and liver function is also better.


Avocado is high in healthy fats and is a low-calorie food item. Therefore, it can be considered beneficial for a person suffering from fatty liver disease. According to research, many such chemicals are found in avocados that help in slowing down the process of liver damage. Also, the amount of fiber in avocado is good and it is also beneficial for the liver. However, do consult a doctor before use.

Sunflower Seeds:

Vitamin E is found in high amounts in sunflower seeds, rich in antioxidants, and can prevent further damage to the liver.

Olive Oil:

Olive oil contains omega-3 fatty acids. It is better than margarine or butter for cooking. Research has shown that it helps reduce liver enzymes and control weight.


Some studies have found that garlic powder helps reduce weight and fat in people suffering from fatty liver disease.

Green Tea:

Green tea is very beneficial in itself and scientists are studying the role of reducing its “fat absorption”. Studies on some animals have found that consumption of green tea can reduce fat absorption from the diet.


Green-green cabbage called broccoli contains elements that reduce the number of triglycerides in the body and also help in reducing fat buildup in the liver. Therefore, along with broccoli, include spinach, kale, and many green vegetables in the diet.

Dairy Products:

The use of milk and low-fat diet products increases insulin activity in the body, which helps control the amount of glucose. Along with this, protein is also found in dairy products, which works to protect the liver from damage.


Oats are rich in carbohydrates and beta-gluten. Research has proved that this element activates the process of digestion. Also, the fiber present in oats helps make your weight and keeps the liver healthy.


Fatty liver disease patients should include apples in their diet. It is always said – ‘An Apple a Day, Keeps the Doctor Away’ means that diseases can be avoided by eating an apple daily. Let us tell you that health experts believe that you can avoid the problem of fatty liver by eating apples daily.


People who have a fatty liver problem should consume papaya. It is said that by consuming papaya, not only can your liver remain healthy, but the digestive system can also work well. Therefore, health experts recommend fatty liver disease patients consume papaya daily.


Fatty liver disease patients develop wounds in the liver, which require vitamin C to heal. According to dietitians, oranges are rich in vitamin C. Therefore fatty liver patients should include oranges in their diet.

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