Kidney Stone Diet


Nowadays, having the stone in the kidney has become a common problem. Due to not having the right diet and life routine today, the problem of the stomach in the kidney is spreading rapidly among the people. So, here I am giving a kidney stone diet chart. See here what to eat and what to avoid in this chart.

Foods To Eat:

Here I am listing some foods that are healthy for kidney stone patients. These foods can help the patient to reduce the higher risk.




If you want to avoid kidney stone, you should eat plenty of eggs. Doctors recommend eating eggs for protection from kidney stones.

If the kidney stones are on the primary stage, then the doctors ask the patient to take the eggs until the kidney stone leaves out of the body.

There are plenty of animal proteins in the eggs which are beneficial for our health. The best part is that consuming eggs regularly also cures a lot of nutrients in our body, so we should regularly take a certain amount of eggs.




The natural remedy to avoid kidney stones is that we consume abundant water. Many times it has also been seen that due to the lack of water in our body, chances of kidney stones increase.

When we consume enough water, a lot of urine is formed in our body. The more harmful substances present in the body are easily released from the body by becoming more urine.

The way we drink water in a way, the more purity our body is. Similarly, if the calcium accumulation occurs in the kidneys, then it is easy to clean the kidneys by taking enough water.

In this way, it can be said that adequate water intake helps to get rid of kidney stones.




In most cases, it is seen that we are prevented from consuming excessive potatoes but when it comes to kidney stones, then doctors recommend that the maximum amount of carbohydrates is consumed.

Carbohydrate hinders the buildup of the kidneys. Consumption of carbohydrates in this way eliminates kidney stones. This is one of the foods you should include in your kidney stone diet chart.

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C


The best way to avoid kidney stone is to include foods rich in citric acid in our diet. The substances that are sour, have enough amounts of citric acid, such as lemon, falciform, orange, etc.

Carbohydrates in kidneys are caused by calcium oxalate. When calcium is mixed with oxalate, then there is a problem of the stomach in the kidney, but if we consume enough amounts of citric acid then it does not happen.

Actually, citric acid is mixed with calcium and thus does not allow calcium to be mixed with oxalate. When this happens, we avoid the problem of calculus in the kidney.




The patriotic patient is advised to drink milk often. This is because milk is a rich diet and it can help to clean the stone.

If you are suffering from stones, or someone around you is suffering from this disease, then advise them to drink milk daily.




As we mentioned above, you should eat citric acid food in the stones. Citric fruits are generally sour, and curd also falls in this category. In this case, you should regularly take yogurt in the stone.




We told you to eat fruits and vegetables in the stone, but you should eat rice in the grain. This is one of the food you should include to your kidney stone diet chart.

Rice contains essential nutrients, which have the capacity to clean stone. It is also advisable to drink rice water to the patient of the patient.

Foods To Avoid:

Here I am listing some foods that are harmful to kidney stone patients. See these foods and avoid.




Capsicum contains oxalate crystals which are binding on calcium as soon as they meet them. This creates calcium oxalate crystals. Which are the forms of stone. According to the Health site, if you do not keep capsicum in the diet then you can remain away from the stone.




Make the distance from the patient of the patient to the spinach, because it contains oxalate which deposits calcium and does not allow it to go to the urine. In such cases, patients of stones may eat if their spinach is eating.




If you like chocolate, you have to quit this habit because it can increase your kidney stones. So you make a distance from chocolate because it contains Oxalates.




We use tomato in our food quite a lot. Tomatoes are also found in plenty of oxalates. In such cases, if patients of Pathri also have tomatoes, then use their seeds to get out of them. This is one of the food you should avoid your kidney stone diet chart.




Patients also have to reduce the use of salt in food. Because salt contains sodium, which becomes calcium in the stomach and it also increases the stone.




Doctors recommend the patients most of the stones in the morning that they do not start the morning because they are very bad. A cup of tea can increase the size of the stone.




If you like seafood, then you have to leave it for your health too. Not only this, but you also have to avoid avoiding other protein-related substances because it contains an element called purine. If the amount of purine increases in the patient’s body of stones, the level of uric acid increases and the stone become larger.

Red Meat:

Red Meat


Limited consumption of red meat in a stone. Yes! Those who eat red meat very fond well should also know that consuming high amounts of red meat is harmful to the body. Excessive intake of red meat can also cause problems in the kidney.

Actually, a rich amount of animal protein is found in red meat. This animal protein is not suitable for our body. If we consume excessive amounts of animal protein, then there are problems in the body, not just stones, but also many other problems.

Cold Drinks:

Cold Drinks


On the one hand, when drinking water is advised to drink more and more water, then in such a situation, try to avoid cold drink. The phosphoric acid contained in it enhances the risk of stone.

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