What Is Milind Soman Diet & Fitness Secret?

Milind Soman diet


Model Milind Soman is very famous about her fitness and diet plan. Nowadays he advises people to stay fit. Milind Soman is so fit at the age of 53 that even the best of youngsters should be shy. Famous Milind Soman has created many records by running on the streets of the country as a fitness freak in Bollywood. He has also participated in a variety of marathons, which sets him apart from other actors. So, let’s know Milind soman diet and fitness secret.

Milind Soman, who was famous with the song Made in India, considers exercise very important in life. They believe that walking among nature has unique health benefits and also helps in uplifting the mood. Today people have forgotten running and jogging. It is a distant thing to keep pace with nature.

Milind says that this physical activity is especially for those who work in the same place continuously for many hours. If you follow the physical exercise routine for about a week, you will feel a change in your mood and fitness.

Running Barefoot


Running Barefoot:

Milind Soman also likes to run barefoot in the marathon. According to Milind, ‘Most people think that running barefoot can cause injury or damage to the feet, but in reality, it is not. Running in this way makes your feet even stronger. “Let me tell you that in Mexico, a tribe called ‘Besamara’ has been running barefoot for years and he runs 200-300 km without stopping. In 2009 on this topic A well-known book ‘Born to Run’ has also been published.




Let me tell you that for your fitness Milind also pays full attention to sailing. Milind believes that cycling from your home to your office is a very important step to change your fitness. This will help in managing your fitness along with your work schedule. Cycling helps develop various muscles in your legs and is also a good workout for your abdominal muscles. Apart from this, the bicycle controls the blood flow of the body and also works to take out the body’s dirt. Continue cycling, and you’ll be fit and ready for your big day.

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Let us know that Milind also goes swimming or swimming regularly. Swimming keeps your muscles fine and your internal organs also get energy. Apart from this, your lungs also exercise. Swimming can be done at any age. It helps in maintaining blood circulation properly. Swimming increases the blood circulation of the body and gives you relief from pain and tension.

Adequate Hydration


Adequate Hydration:

Milind is well aware of the importance of water. Water is the most essential element because 70 percent of our body is made up of water. If you do not keep yourself hydrated enough, it will lead to complications that will increase over time and may lead to many types of diseases in the future. Therefore, you should drink sufficient amount of water. This is one of the Milind Soman diet secrets.

Milind says that drinking the right amount of water every day is important and that you should drink more than necessary or else it will affect your health. Also, milling likes to take different diets. He consumes sugar, refined and junk food.

Milind Soman Diet


Milind Soman Diet:

Milind says that he always likes nutritious food. He states that he does not take any type of steroid or any supplements. So, let’s know the Milind Soman diet. He says that he does not follow any special routine in the diet except sugar. He never takes non-veg at dinner, because heavy diet affects digitization. At breakfast, he take two masala dosa, fruits, and milk. Sometimes muesli and porridge along with soy milk. Something that is not too heavy at lunch. Such as bread, lentils, vegetables, and yogurt. Milind takes roti, vegetables, pulses, etc. at dinner.

Milind, fond of chaat, says that he can eat chaat every day. According to Milind, he likes all kinds of chaat ranging from pani puri, Sev puri. He is also fond of Chinese food, but he like the mother’s food (Maharashtrian) the most. He says that nothing can be more nutritious and good than Indian food.

Milind says that his mother is also superfit and has run 100 km at the age of 74. Milind’s mother Usha Soman completed the 100 km Trialwalker (walking) at the age of 74 last year. Usha has climbed many high mountains of the world even after the age of 60.

FAQ Regarding Milind Suman:

Q. What does Milind Soman eat?

A. Milind Soman said that he eats everything. There’s nothing that he doesn’t eat. He said that he eats a lot of raw fruits, vegetables cooked and raw. To know more click here.

Q. What does Milind Soman do?

A. Milind Soman is an Indian supermodel, actor, film producer & fitness promoter. To know more about him read this.

Q. What is Milind Soman age?

A. Milind Soman is 53 year old Indian supermodel, actor, film producer & fitness promoter.


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