There are many types of diet, one of them is fruitarian diet. A fruitarian diet is a fruit-based diet where someone had to eat only plant-based raw fruits. Fruitarian diet is a subtype of a vegan diet. People who follow Fruitarian diet do not at animal products like meat, fish, dairy or eggs. They also do not eat vital parts of plants, like their stems, roots, and leaves. Basically, a fruitarian diet is a diet where you eat fruits without harming or killing the plant. In this article, I am going to give you a brief note on a fruitarian diet and fruitarian diet pros and cons. So check below to know more about it.

fruits are the most popular food of all. Fruits are nutritious, they are also full of vitamins and natural salts which are very beneficial for our health, in the absence of these, the body becomes sick and weak. To cure stomach upset, no other good food than fruit can be imagined. The use of fruit juice gives benefits even more quickly. So, here let’s see fruitarian diet pros and cons.

What is Fruitarian Diet

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What is Fruitarian Diet?

A fruitarian diet is a type of vegetarian diet that is generally limited to eating fresh fruits, nuts, and seeds. More than 75 percent of your diet consists of raw fruits. A variety of fruits are included in the diet to get maximum nutrients and you must have at least three servings of fruits daily. Fruits contain many important antioxidants along with Vitamin C, beta-carotene and other nutrients. The fruitarian diet may help you lose weight but it comes with a host of side effects and you may not be able to sustain the weight loss.

The Steve Jobs all fruit diet frequently changed name to fruitarian diet.

Fruitarian Diet has many advantages and disadvantages to our health. So let’s know the fruitarian diet pros and cons before starting off fruitarian diet. See those below…

Fruitarian Diet Pros And Cons:

A fruitarian diet is likely to be low in protein and essential fatty acids, which are important for growth and repair, as well as for the normal function of the immune system and hormone regulation. There are many fruitarian diet pros and cons. So, let’s know which are those…

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Fruitarian Diet Pros

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Fruitarian Diet Pros:

We all know fruits have many health benefits. Here we are going to know about fruitarian diet pros. These are…

1. One of the most popular Fruitarian Diet pros is it helps to reduce weight and also helps to prevent weight gain.

2. Improving digestion is another fruitarian diet pros. Fruits are rich in micronutrient which can be digested easily.

3. Fruits are rich in fiber which reduce problems of constipation.

4. Fruits are all natural food that works as an anti-aging agent. Maintaining a fruitarian diet helps you to age slow.

5. fruitarian diet increases mental power.

6. Following the fruitarian diet also helps to boost mood and makes you happy.

7. Fruits are the best friend of our beauty. Fruitarian diet makes skin, hair eyes and nails healthy and glowy.

8. Many people said that fruit diet is helpful for preventing Cancer.

9. Fruitarian diet Improves cholesterol levels, It reduces bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol.

10. Fruitarian diet detoxifies our body and makes us healthy.

Fruitarian Diet Cons

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Fruitarian Diet Cons:

Many people say that a fruitarian diet has more risks than health benefits. Now that we know which are the fruitarian diet pros we should also know now the Fruitarian Diet cons. So let’s know which are those Fruitarian diet cons. See those below…

1. While there are some people think that this diet could lose weight, some people also think that fruitarian diet can lead to weight gain as fruits are rich in natural sugars and having a large portion of fruit can put on a lot of weight.

2. Fruits contain so much sugar that eating too much can negatively affect blood sugar levels. This diet can be dangerous for diabetic patients and also increase the risk for non-diabetic people too.

3. Fruits are high in sugar content that can put you at high risk for tooth decay. Some fruits, such as oranges, are highly acidic and can erode tooth enamel.

4. People who follow fruitarians diet frequently have low levels of vitamin B12, calcium, vitamin D, iodine and omega-3 fatty acids. That leads them to various health issues.

In 2013, actor Ashton Kutcher preparing to play Mr. Steve Job in a movie role and he followed fruitarian diet. Ashton Kutcher ended up in the hospital just two days before he was supposed to begin shooting the movie.

5. Fruitarians diet have low vitamin B12 levels which lead them to anemia, tiredness, lethargy and immune system dysfunction.

6. Fruitarian diet is low calcium that can cause osteoporosis.

7. The only solid protein sources allowed on most fruitarian diets are certain nuts and seeds in small amounts. Consuming an all-fruit or almost all-fruit diet makes it very easy to fall short on daily protein needs, resulting in protein deficiency.

8. The fruitarian diet restricts your fare to just fruits. Just eating one kind of food will make you long for other types to add to your diet. You might start dreaming and craving about that juicy cheeseburger a lot more.

These are the fruitarian diet pros and cons. So, think wisely before starting the Fruitarian Diet.

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