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The thyroid is a very essential gland. This gland is situated in the lower part of the throat. The thyroid is also called a silent killer; as its symptom does not appear in an earlier stage. If it is not treated at the time, then a man can die. You can treat it with a proper diet. Here is the thyroid diet chart Indian for you.

Nowadays it is very common to have thyroid problems. The thyroid gland is present in our throat and produces a hormone called thyroxine. There are two types of thyroid problems like hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism.

Problem of hyperthyroidism occurs when your thyroid gland starts producing more hormones called thyroxine than necessary. And problem of hypothyroidism occurs when your thyroid gland makes thyroxine in less quantity than necessary.

Both situations are not good for our bodies. And in this case, you have to take care of your food separately. So, we have prepared a Thyroid diet chart in India in this article below…


What Is Thyroid?

The thyroid is a type of endocrine gland, which is responsible for the secretion of some hormones. If the thyroid gland ceases to function properly then many problems in the body begin. The secretion of hormones is affected by the body. But if the thyroid gland is less or more active then it also affects the body.

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland located in the neck. This gland has a special contribution to the metabolism of the body.

Apart from this, the work of the thyroid hormone is to control the amount of sugar, cholesterol, and phospholipids in the blood, control bone and mental growth, control heart rate and blood pressure and increase milk secretion in women.

There is a problem with the thyroid due to irregularities in lifestyle and eating habits. If you take care of food at the beginning, there is less chance of having thyroid problems.

What is the Indian diet chart for Thyroid patients, what Thyroid foods to avoid, and what food to eat… Let’s know in detail here

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Foods To Eat In Thyroid Diet:

It is very important to have a good and nutritious diet to keep any disease under control. A nutritious diet includes whole grains, seasonal fruits, green vegetables, fish, and nuts. By taking these, it is possible to cure half of your disease. Improve your diet keeping in mind the diet recommended for the Thyroid diet.

Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt:

Greek Yogurt is one of the best foods for the thyroid gland. Dairy products, especially yogurt, are high in nutrients and help meet the body’s needs for iodine to maintain proper thyroid function.

Seeds and Nuts

Seeds and Nuts:

Eating nuts like sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds, and cashews are beneficial as they provide zinc. Issues related to zinc deficiency can manifest similarly.

Beans or Legumes

Beans or Legumes:

Beans and legumes are high in zinc and fiber, which help regulate the digestive system, especially bowel movements, and prevent constipation. If you have a thyroid problem, gram is a beneficial food to eat.

Green Tea

Green Tea:

Green tea is famous all over the world as a proven metabolism booster. Green tea contains catechins, an antioxidant that causes fat cells to release fat and helps the liver burn excess fat.



Avocado is a “wonder food”; It is a fruit rich in phytonutrients. Avocado is high in antioxidants, good fats, fiber, potassium, and micronutrients, which aid in the control of blood sugar levels and maintain hormonal balance for proper thyroid functioning.



Apple is one of the healthiest fruits and is very popular all over the world. Eating an apple a day can help prevent weight gain and manage blood sugar levels.

Studies show that apples can detoxify your body which helps the thyroid gland to function well. Apple also lowers cholesterol levels, thereby preventing diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.



Being rich in antioxidants, berries are great for your thyroid organs. They help stimulate the production of thyroid hormones and help them function smoothly.

Berries also contain vitamins and minerals that protect us from oxidative damage caused by free radicals. In this case, definitely include strawberries, blueberries, or wild blueberries in the diet.



Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, oranges can neutralize free radicals, protecting your cells from further damage. Free radicals cause inflammation in the thyroid gland and can affect its functioning.

Vitamin C also boosts immunity, regulates blood sugar, manages cholesterol levels, prevents skin damage, and helps heal wounds.



Pineapples are high in vitamin C and manganese, both of which can protect our bodies from free radical damage. This citrus fruit also contains B vitamins that can help relieve fatigue, one of the symptoms of thyroid.

The consumption of pineapple is also good for people suffering from cancer, tumors, and constipation.

Eggs and Chicken

Eggs and Chicken:

Eggs, especially pasteurized eggs, contain adequate levels of both selenium and iodine, which are good for thyroid functioning. Eat the whole egg for the most health benefits, as the yolk contains the most nutrients.

Chicken is an ideal source of lean protein, and it contains zinc, which is needed to produce enough thyroid hormone.



Fish including salmon, tuna, shrimp, etc. are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which reduce inflammation and help build immunity. It is known to be rich in selenium, a nutrient that regulates thyroid levels.

Indian Diet Plan For Thyroid Patients: When And What To Eat:

Diet plays an essential role in managing the symptoms of thyroid. A nutritious and well-balanced diet may not help treat a thyroid problem, but it can reduce symptoms when paired with the right medication. Consuming foods rich in certain essential nutrients like iodine, calcium, and vitamin D can help in reducing its symptoms.

Hyperthyroidism Diet Plan 1:

First dayOne BananaCurd and salad2 to 3 dry fruitsChicken and sweet potato
Second dayChocolate Chia PuddingGluten-Free Sandwich1 cup cottage cheese with carrots and cucumberEggs and one bowl rice
Third dayGluten-Free Toss with EggsSaladBananaGluten-free cheese with egg
Fourth dayGreen Smoothiepumpkin soup2 to 3 dry fruitsChicken and sweet potato
Fifth dayChocolate Chia PuddingCurd and salad1 cup carrot and cucumberPaneer
Sixth dayOne BananaDried Nuts & Whole Grain SaladSweet potato pakodeEggs and one bowl rice
Seventh-daySweet potatoes and eggsGluten-Free Sandwich200 g plain yogurt and 1 bananaVegetables


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FoodWhat to eat
Early Morning1 glass of hot lemonade
Breakfast (before eating thyroid medicine)1 cup oats with capsicum, 2 egg white with or 1 cup of cauliflower.
After breakfast1 orange/apple / 1 cup grapefruit / 1 cup melon
Lunch1 cup salad + 1 cup brown rice or wheat porridge or 2 roti + 1 cup vegetable + 1 cup dal + 1 cup curd + 50 grams of fish + 50 grams of chicken.
After lunch1 glass buttermilk or 1 cup green tea + 15-minute walk.
Evening snack1 cup green tea and 2 to 3 walnuts
Supper1 cup vegetable salad
Dinner1 cup salad + bajra or 2 roti + 1 cup of gourd gourd vegetable or tomato or carrot vegetable + 1 cup yogurt.
Supper snacks1 glass hot lime water + 15 minutes walk.

Considering all the nutrients that are needed in thyroid disease, this diet plan has been made. In addition to this diet plan, you have to make changes in your lifestyle and routine. Besides, drinking plenty of water for the thyroid problem.

FoodWhat to eat
BreakfastKhichdi + low-fat milk + 2 brown bread peanut butter and 1 glass of fruit juice
Breakfast snacksBiscuits, fruits, and water
LunchMix salad, dry fruits, low-sugar, low-fat curd, chicken or cheese with a sandwich, etc.
Lunch snacksBiscuits, fruits, and water
Evening snackFiber-rich cereals + low-fat milk and brown bread made in peanut butter.
DinnerChicken breast or white fish or skin without mutton or rice or hole brick pasta or boiled potato or sweet potato and vegetables.

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FoodWhat to eat
BreakfastPaneer paratha and 1 bowl whole grain
Breakfast snacksEat more and more berries
LunchProtein-rich foods such as fish, skinless chicken, soya beans, pulses, etc.
Lunch snacks1 bowl of lentils, bread, gram, and soybean
Evening snackAlmonds, walnuts, and sesame seeds
Dinner1 bowl soup or broccoli with 2 roti or cauliflower or cauliflower’s vegetable.

What Are The Thyroid Foods To Avoid

Here is the list of thyroid foods to avoid for thyroid patients out there.

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It is said that the way right diet takes away your problems. Similarly, some wrong things turn your minor problems into big problems. Therefore, as important as what you should eat is more important than what you should not eat. Let us know about some such things which you should not eat at all during thyroid problems.

Iodine-rich Food:

If you are fighting thyroid-related problems, then it is important that you consume iodine-rich foods at least or not at all. Because if you consume iodine-rich substances, it causes an auto-immune condition called Graves’ disease.

That’s why iodine-rich substances should not be consumed, such as milk, cheese, egg yolk, butter, etc.

Ingredients Containing Gluten:

A person suffering from thyroid problems should not consume food items containing gluten. Actually, due to this, the patient may have swelling and allergy problems in the body. Wheat commonly used inside houses has gluten inside malt and yeast. So keep your distance from such substances.

An article published in the journal Endocrine Connections states that hypothyroidism and celiac disease often co-exist, and a gluten-free diet can treat the thyroid condition.

You can talk to the doctor about this topic. A study published in Experimental and Clinical Endocrinology and Diabetes found that a gluten-free diet may have clinical benefits for women with thyroid disease.

Soy Products:

Soya products should also not be consumed in the condition of the thyroid. Although there is no iodine inside it, recently many studies have been done about tofu.

These studies suggest that soy may worsen thyroid conditions. So avoid using it completely.

Do not eat cabbage and cauliflower if you have thyroid, these 5 myths related to this disease are fake; know the truth

Caffeinated Beverages:

Usually, people consume tea, coffee, or chocolate in homes or offices, which contain caffeine. Consuming these can increase nervousness, irritability, and heart rate. Which can act to increase the symptoms of hyperthyroidism condition.

If you have this problem and you consume tea or coffee early in the morning, then you can replace it with herbal tea, water, or apple cider vinegar mixed with water.

Cruciferous Vegetables Like Broccoli and Cauliflower:

Cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli and cabbage, are packed with fiber and other nutrients. But they can interfere with thyroid hormone production if you have an iodine deficiency. That’s why it’s a good idea to limit your intake of Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, and turnips.

Research shows that digesting these vegetables may block the thyroid’s ability to use iodine, which is essential for normal thyroid functioning. However, according to the Mayo Clinic, you would need to consume significant amounts of cruciferous for it to truly affect iodine intake.

More Fiber-Rich Foods:

Getting enough fiber is good for you, but too much can complicate your hypothyroidism treatment. It is currently recommended that adults up to age 50 consume 25 to 38 grams of fiber a day. The amount of dietary fiber from whole grains, vegetables, fruits, beans, and legumes that go above that level affects your digestive system.

If you’re on a high-fiber diet, ask your doctor whether you need a higher dose of thyroid medication. Your dose may need to be increased if you are not absorbing enough of the medicine.


Patients of Thyroid should follow the diet chart, as well as regular Yoga and exercise are also important. Regular exercises also increase the thyroid function.

Even after following this Indian diet chart for the thyroid patient if the problem of the thyroid is increasing, then contact the doctor immediately.


You may also choose to treat hypothyroidism with other medications. If you want to reduce the symptoms of hypothyroidism. However, there is not enough evidence to prove these claims. Therefore, you should always consult your doctor before making any significant changes in dietary habits or using any supplements. Checking your thyroid levels regularly on your own can also give you insight into how lifestyle changes are affecting your thyroid and general metabolism.

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