500-Calorie Per Day Diet: Safe Or Not

A 500 calories diet plan is a risky method of a very low-calorie diet plan. It involves you to harshly reduce the quantity of food you consume, typically to an extreme of 800 calories each day. This diet plan can be unsafe and involves medical administration. Keep reading this to know more about the goals and risks of the 500 calorie a day diet plan. As well as check out a sample one day 500 calories diet plan

What Is A 500 Calorie Diet Mean Plan?

A 500-calorie diet plan is a dangerous method of a very low-calorie diet plan, i.e. VLCD. It substitutes the usual food habit with fluid supplements, bars for a precise period, and shakes instead of having meal.

This controlled calorie consumption helps your body to utilize the stored fuel such as fat. And, in return, your body sheds pounds. But this can be very dangerous as it can cause malnutrition. To know more continue reading this article till the end. And to find out what your 500-calorie diet plan should look like go to the next page


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