Paleo diet was created by Lauren Cordan. Paleo diet reflects the ways of eating foods similar to our ancestor’s food habits. It is true that this diet is prepared around food like caves. Through the study of scientific research and reviewing, it has been revealed that there are both advantages and disadvantages of paleo diet. Since previously we have discussed the benefits of the diet, now we are going to discuss the disadvantages of Paleo diet in this article below.

What Is Paleo Diet

What Is Paleo Diet?

Before we talk about the disadvantages of Paleo diet, let’s get a brief idea on what Paleo diet is.

Paleo is a short form of Paleolithic i.e. the historical time of human history. From this Paleolithic age, this diet plan lends its thoughts. It is a method of eating on the basis of consuming food that is available to the ancestors of our cave years, on the basis of the notion that the modern diet is sometimes full with trans-fat, refined carbs and a stress-free access to sugar – everything is responsible for cancer and Alzheimer’s for infertility and depression.

Disadvantages of Paleo Diet:

Vegetables, fruits, meat, seeds, and nuts are on the Paleo menu, while sugar, starch, and dairy are off the table. Legumes and grains, which a lot of Paleo supporters say, are “anti-nutrients” which are able to block the engagement of vitamins and minerals, and can also cause digestive issues.

All Paleo dieters do not distinguish between processed and unprofitable meat – not ideal, because WHO has added the processed material like bacon and sausage with the risk of cancer. You must also remember that in the mid-30s, the average life expectancy of Paleolithic humans was.

This Diet Can Be Very Difficult In The Beginning

This Diet Can Be Very Difficult In The Beginning:

Paleo diet can be difficult in the beginning, but it becomes easy when you are involved and become familiar with the diet plan. We are not trying to say that Paleo diet is silly and everybody should eat the same way, but if you can make an informed decision based on your needs, then it will be attached to the program.

We Have Developed So It Is Not Always Easy To Follow Paleo Diet 100 Percent

Keep in mind that we have evolved since the Stone Age. We do not have to search for food and therefore whenever we want we can get it in abundance. With the rise of technology and changes in agriculture, it is not always easy to follow Paleo diet 100 percent, so if some options are not available easily, do not be harsh on yourselves.

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Some Elements Are Not Evidence-Based

Paleo diet has very good qualities for concentrating on whole foods, lean meat, vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats; however, there is no evidence of abandonment of dairy, legumes, and grains till date. We know that a fit of all sizes is not an answer, and the probability of avoiding such hard foods will not last long.

It Not Merely A Weight Loss Diet

It Not Merely A Weight Loss Diet

In addition, Cordon himself noted that the Paleo diet is not a springboard for healthy eating, Paleo diet is a lifestyle and you can do anything to walk for a long time. So although you can lose weight on the diet, it does not mean having a kick-start to leave this pound.

Say Goodbye To Modern Day Foods

Another big disadvantage of Paleo diet guidelines is that you will accept defeat in modern food and say goodbye to any item coming from any box, jar or packaging because it is not an option in Paleo diet.

Whatsoever, the first and foremost thing before starting this Paleo diet is to consult your dietitian about this matter. Consulting an expert is needed because occasionally changes in diet can affect the body and can also worsen health concerns.

There are more advantages than disadvantages of Paleo diet but you need to follow the proper rules of the Paleo diet to get the most benefits out of it. Otherwise, this diet will bring you a heap of disadvantages.

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