Avoid Sugary Drinks and Fruit Juices

Almost everyone is aware of the risks associated with excessive consumption of sugary drinks. But no matter how much we read about their dangers, this stops a few people. So, let’s know why to avoid sugary drinks and fruit juices.

Both juices and sweet sodas over time became such a mass product that they could no longer be produced using old, less harmful technologies. The mass production has greatly affected the quality of sweet drinks: they began to add more preservatives, dyes, and sweeteners to them. Naturally, these components cannot be called harmless to the human body.

Why Avoid Sugary Drinks and Fruit Juices:

The main problems that result from the abuse of packaged juices and sweet carbonated drinks:

One of the main reasons why some people consider fruit juice to be unhealthy, just like soda, is the high sugar content in these drinks. Soda and fruit juice from a packet contain about 110 calories and 20-26 g of sugar per 240 ml glass. In 2013, researchers analyzed health data from 100,000 people collected between 1986 and 2009. They found that fruit juice consumption was associated with an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Fruit juice and sugary soda may increase your risk of gaining excess weight. That’s because both are high in calories and low in fiber, a nutrient that helps reduce hunger and promote feelings of fullness.

Therefore, calories consumed from either soda or fruit juice are unlikely to be as filling as an equal number of calories consumed from a fiber-rich food with the same amount of sugar.

Researchers at the US National Library of Medicine in 2018 studied the effects of sweetened drinks on the brain. They found that these drinks increased levels of certain compounds and chemicals that affect brain activity, increasing the risk of stroke and dementia.

There is a common belief that juicing can be an excellent method of detoxifying the body. However, there is no evidence that juices are necessary for detoxification. It may also harm people who have kidney problems. Regularly drinking large amounts of fruit juice is associated with an increased risk of metabolic syndrome and obesity.

Research suggests that drinking even diet soda is associated with an increased risk of a wide range of diseases, including Heart diseases, such as heart attack and high blood pressure Metabolic problems, including diabetes and obesity Brain conditions, such as dementia and stroke;—liver problems, which include non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

A major new study from the World Health Organization has found that even two glasses of sweetened soda a day increases the risk of early death.

The study said the risk of death from all causes increased with both sugar-sweetened and artificially sweetened drinks. This is especially dangerous for children. And, according to scientists, soda does not give the same feeling of fullness as water.

The main message of the study is to drink water. Avoid sugary sodas and be careful with artificially sweetened ones. Water is the safest drink. You can also drink tea and coffee. But we need to minimize or eliminate all processed drinks from the diet

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