foods to avoid with acid reflux


Acid reflux is a condition in which the acids present in the stomach go back to the esophagus. Due to increased pressure in the stomach, the valves of the food pipe open, causing acid reflux to occur. There are some conditions, which increase pressure in the stomach like eating some foods. So, here I am giving some foods to avoid with acid reflux. See this below…

Foods To Avoid With Acid Reflux:

Acid reflux causes irritation in the chest, eating back food, regurgitation, mouth odor, chest pain, sore throat, and other difficulties in the throat. So, let see which are the foods to avoid with acid reflux.

Fries And Chips


Fries And Chips:

Fried foods are one of the food that you should avoid if you have a problem with acid reflux. Fries and chips are tasty but the most unhealthy food that causes irritation in your stomach.




Butter is another food you should avoid if have acid reflux problems. We all know that butter is nutritious but, it is also, high in fat which causes acid reflux. So, you should avoid butter.

Whole Milk


Whole Milk:

Whole milk is high in fats that cause acid reflux. So, people who have problems with acid reflux should always avoid whole milk.




Fatty food is the enemy of acid reflux as your stomach cannot digest those foods or can cause indigestion. Cheese is one of the food items that your stomach cannot digest. It causes acid reflux.

Ice Cream


Ice Cream:

Ice cream is another foods to avoid with acid reflux. So, avoid having ice cream if you have a problem with acid reflux.

Red Meat


Red Meat:

Red meat is one food that is high in fat which your stomach has trouble to digest. So, red meat would be another food that you should avoid with acid reflux problem.




Drinking alcohol causes acid reflex to your stomach. So, it is one of the worst food items for the patients of acid reflux.




Chocolate contains a component called methylxanthine which helps LES to affect and increase acid reflux. So, avoid having chocolates as that can increase your acid reflux.

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Onions And Garlic


Onions And Garlic:

Thinking of spices onions and garlic is the one that comes first in our mind. So, onion and garlic are one of those foods that can cause acid reflux and you should avoid it if you have problems of acid reflux.




The caffeine present in coffee causes acid reflux and form gas in your stomach. When it comes to acid reflux coffee can be the worst beverage to drink. So, avoid drinking coffee as it causes irritation in your stomach and forms gas that causes acid reflux.




Mints can cause acid reflux too. So, this is another food to avoid with acid reflux. So, avoid having mints in your food and also drinks to avoid acid reflux.

Spicy Foods


Spicy Foods:

Spicy foods are the biggest enemy of acid reflux. People who tend to form acid reflux should always avoid spicy foods as these can harm them badly. So, spicy foods are one of the foods to avoid with acid reflux.

Citrus Foods


Citrus Foods:

Foods contain citrus it also very for acid reflux as it can lead your situation to worst. Citrus foods like lemons contain citric acid which can increase your acid reflux and can cause big harm. So, avoid having citrus foods if you a problem of acid reflux.




Tomato is another food time that you should avoid with acid reflux. You should avoid having tomato and food which includes tomato like ketchup, sauce tomato juice. This is one of the foods to avoid with acid reflux.

So these are the food items that you should avoid if you have an acid reflux problem. Eat green vegetables and less spicy food to control acidity and be healthy.

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