A Complete List Of Low & High Calorie Fruits

High Calorie Fruits


Through this article you will know what is a calorie, how much calorie is required per day, in addition to calorie chart; we will provide you the low and high calorie fruits list. Calories are basically a measure of energy in the human body, which is necessary for conducting physical activities. This quantity of calories is acquired through the diet. Regular intake of high calorie fruits can lead to overweight, which can lead to a variety of serious illnesses.

The reason for overweight in individuals is not being able to burn calories. People who are struggling with the problem of overweight, and want to reduce their weight, those people can get rid of this problem by eating a low-calorie diet and adopting calorie burn.

But there are individuals who need to gain some weight. And thus we are listing down high calorie fruits as well as the low calorie fruits. With the help of this list, you will be able to find out which fruit to eat and which fruit to avoid according to your body type.

What Is Calories


What Is Calories?

A calorie is a unit of measurement of energy. Calories are commonly used to measure the energy content present in foods and beverages. And thus the body gets its energy from essential foods. Also, a certain amount of calories must be consumed to perform daily tasks. So, in order to reduce weight and to control it, it is advisable for the body to consume fewer calories per day.

Calories are essential for human health. And thus each person needs calories for different amounts of energy each day, depending on age, gender, size, and activity level.

Low And High Calorie Fruits Chart


Low And High Calorie Fruits Chart

The low and high calorie fruits chart displays the amount of calories in fresh fruits. The calorie chart given below contains the amount of calories per fruit also per portion in this article below:

  • Avocado – 306 Calories
  • Sugarcane (½ cup) – 280 calories
  • Dates 75 grams – 277 calories
  • Fresh Mango – 135 calories
  • Dried Raisins (½ cup) – 110 calories
  • Bananas, average size – 105 calories
  • Pear (medium) – 98 calories
  • 28 grams Olive’s black- 96 calories
  • Apple – 81 calories
  • Orange – 65 calories
  • Cherry (½ cup) – 52 calories
  • Kiwi (medium) – 46 calories
  • Guava (½ cup) – 42 calories
  • Blueberry Fresh (½ cup) – 41 calories
  • Pineapple Fresh (½ cup cubed) – 39 calories
  • Grapes (10 medium seedless) – 36 calories
  • Plum – 36 calories
  • Peach – 37 Calories
  • Blackberry (½ cup) – 37 calories
  • Fig (Medium) – 37 Calories
  • Olives green (removing kernels) in about 28 grams – 33 calories
  • Raspberry (½ cup) – 31 calories
  • Papaya (½ cup) – 27 calories
  • Cranberry uncooked (½ cup) – 23 calories
  • Strawberries (½ cup) – 23 calories
  • Lemon (with peel) – 22 calories
  • 28 grams Litchi – 19 calories
  • Tomato Cherry – 3 Calories


All calorie values ​​are based on approximate quantities.

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Calories Per Day


Calories Per Day

As per the needs of calories each day, a woman requires to consume 2000 calories each day for sufficient physical nutrition. As well as for women who want to lose weight; they need to consume 1500 calories or less per day. as well as women who want to gain some extra weight must consume more than 1500 calories.

A male person needs 2500 calories usually to sustain physical balance. And thus to lose weight must consume 2000 or fewer calories per day. Similarly to gain weight you must consume more than 2000 calories daily.

Keep this in your mind that eating below 800 calories each day can cause you any health problems. So eat more and more high calorie fruits to avoid lack of calorie in your body. So, as you now know which fruit has high calorie as well as which fruit has low calorie you can choose the right amount of calorie for yourself.


However, this daily intake of calories depends on several factors, including gender, age, height, metabolic health, physical activity, current weight, and also other factors.

FAQ’s Regarding Low and High Calorie Fruits:

Q. What is the fruit with the most calories?

A. The chief source of the calories in fruits is carbohydrate. And thus fruits high in carbohydrate will surely be high in calories. Such fruits are Banana, Avocados, Mango, Dates, etc.

Q. Which fruits increase weight?

A. Fruits with high-calorie help to increase weight. To know exactly which fruits help in increasing the weight read the article.

Q. Which juice has the highest calories?

A. Make juice from fruits with high calorie to get juice that has the highest calories in it. And thus to know the name of the fruits that have the highest calories follow this article.

Q. Are dates high calorie?

A. YES. dates are high in calorie. However to know the exact amount of calories that dates contain, you must check the following article.

Q. Which juice helps to increase weight?

A. The juice that is made from high-calorie fruits can help you to increase or gain your weight effectively. To know the list of fruits that have the highest calorie follow this site.

Q. Are figs high calorie?

A. NO, figs are definitely not high in calorie. Figs are rather low in calorie. To know which fruits have higher calories and which fruits have the lowest calorie…follow this page.

Q. What are the lowest calorie fruits?

A. Calories are essential for human health. And thus you should know which fruit has the highest calorie and which have the lowest. So, follow this article to know in details.


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