Best Indian Diet For Jaundice Patients: 2 Weeks Diet Plan

Indian diet for jaundice patients

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Jaundice is a disease that builds up bilirubin in our blood, which is basically a yellow pigment that releases at the time of the breakdown of the red blood cells. Since the bilirubin is a yellow pigment, it causes the eyes, gums, and skin to turn into yellow and during jaundice, the liver fails to function properly. So, today I am going to provide the best Indian diet for jaundice patients to recover from the ailment quickly.

As per the Indian diet for jaundice patients, they should drink more fruit juice and vegetable salads, soup etc. to recover from the ailment quickly. Fruits like apples, oranges, limes, papaya, sugarcane, cucumber, and pears are very beneficial for jaundice patients.

Best Indian diet for jaundice patients also shows that the patient should drink plenty of plain water or barley water throughout the day. This is a great home remedy to repair jaundice.


To prepare barley water, boil a cup of barley in 2 liters of water for at least 3 hours

Best Indian Diet For Jaundice Patients:

The patients of jaundice can improve their condition by following the best Indian diet for jaundice patients mentioned below. The problem of frequent liver damage can be improved by bringing changes in diet plan and lifestyle. Along with that, patients with jaundice should drink a lot of healthy liquids such as fruit juice, vegetable juice and relax a lot. Here come the 2 weeks Indian Diet for jaundice patients below:


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The jaundice patients should drink only juice for one week before starting a diet plan. For this:

  • The patient can drink orange, lemon, grapes, pears, carrots, beetroot, and cane juice.
  • After the juice fast, the patient should add fruits to the Indian diet for jaundice patients from day 3 to day 5 in the morning, evening and night time diet
  • Eat apples, pears, grapes, oranges and pineapples as fruits
  • In the first week, start your day with lemonade

The Indian diet for jaundice patients for the first week is as follows:


Drink freshly made juice of any one of the fruits from apple, pear, mango, papaya.

Along with a cup of boiled barley
1 cup of radish leaves juice

Breakfast Snack

1 glass orange juice or pear juice


2 slices of wheat bread

1 bowl vegetable soup

1 bowl boiled spinach, fenugreek, and carrot vegetables together.

Lunch Snack

Coconut water and apple juice after lunch

Evening snack

1 glass of sugarcane juice


1 cup vegetable soup

1 wheat roti,

Boiled potato and fenugreek seeds and boiled curry of spinach


Apart from this, do not include pulses and almonds in it because this can affect the digestive system.

Week 2

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Week 2

Start your day with a glass of freshly made lemonade. Drink lemonade more and more, it can prevent the liver cells from damaging.


Oats with oatmeal or vegetable soup or egg white with asparagus

1 glass of freshly made fruit juice

Any fruit of your choice

Breakfast Snack

1 glass of papaya juice or papaya leaves the juice

1 glass of coconut water


A bowl of yogurt rice

1 cup of radish leaves

1 small bowl full of boiled vegetables

Lunch Snack

1 glass fruit smoothing

1 fruit of your choice

Evening snack

1 glass sugarcane juice


1 cup tomato soup

1 bowl khichdi made with chicken broth or fresh vegetables

Before sleeping

1 cup of double toned milk


People with jaundice should avoid fats like butter, cream, and oil for at least 2 weeks. After two weeks the patients of jaundice can add butter and olive oil to their Indian diet for jaundice patients but in very small amounts. Also, add foods containing low fat and low carbohydrate to your diet, but eat carbohydrates and eat vegetables and fruits.

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