For people, who want to lose weight, should take tips from her exceptional change through the Zarine Khan diet plan & proper workout.

Zarine Khan Diet Plan


Zarine Khan is one of those Bollywood actresses who have transformed themselves. She is an example for those who want to lose weight. Even before Zarine stepped into the film industry, she had lost weight and made millions of people her fan. But do you know what is Zarine Khan diet plan what her workout regime is? 

Let me tell you that earlier Zarine Khan weighed more than 100 kg. Due to which she faced Criticism in the Bollywood film Veer. After which Zarine Khan started focusing on her diet plan and he worked hard to get a toned body. After which she started looking very beautiful.


Zarine started following an hour workout, gym, diet plan to get a toned figure, then Jarin lost about 43 kg.

Zarine Khan’s Struggle Behind Weight Loss

Zarine Khan Diet Plans


Widely recognized as “Surili Akhiyon Wali” from Veer movie, Zarine Khan had made her way to the not-to-miss music video “maahi ve” from ‘Wajah Tum Ho’ movie. Also identified as the twin of gorgeous actress Katrina Kaif, she has faced her ups and downs in Bollywood. 

At first, Zarine gets criticized for her overweight. Nevertheless, she has ended some beautiful characters recently and made her fans fall for her beauty as well as admire her willpower. Her music video from Hate Story 3 presented us with some intense fitness goals. Her inspirational journey of weight loss from 100 kilograms to 57 kilograms has been oddly amazing. 

For all those people who are trying to lose weight, should take tips from her exceptional change through Zarine Khan diet plan and proper workout routine. She said in an interview that she never really followed a diet. Neither Emily Ratajkowski diet plan nor Rujuta Diwekar weight loss diet plan or anything like that.

Zarine Khan Diet Plan

Zarine Khan Diet Plan1

At the point when Zarine Khan entered Bollywood, her exorbitant weight turned into a hotly debated issue of conversation among the business individuals. Be that as it may, when the thing melody ‘Character Dheela’ from the film ‘Prepared’ was delivered, Zarine again turned into the discussion of the Hollywood for her noteworthy weight reduction and an engaging figure. With unmatched difficult work and commitment, in addition to the fact that she got freed of undesirable weight evaded her faultfinders. 

Discussing the weight reduction prevailing fashion, size-zero, the plump entertainer had once said that a lady should seem as though one and she can never get the size-zero look since she is a Pathan. Yet, you will be shocked to realize that once as well as Zarine Khan has lost her weight twice. The first run-through was during the underlying long stretches of her profession when she lost 43 kgs and as of late, she lost 10 kgs, by following healthy meal plans and workout regime.

On the off chance that Zarine Khan’s slimmer look has been motivation enough for you to set out on a weight reduction venture, here we have imparted to you her insider facts workout system and superstar diet plan-to manage you on the correct way. 

Zarine said in a meeting that she doesn’t do dieting. She takes a high protein diet which contains heaps of vegetables and juices. She said that she drinks a ton of water each day. Figure out how did Zarine Khan lose her weight:

Early Morning

Start the day empty stomach with a glass of water


2 white eggs, fruits, sprouts of brown bread toast


Vegetable soups


Boiled vegetables and boneless grilled chicken with brown rice


Sprouts and Coconut Water


A bowl salad, brown rice with boiled vegetables, and grilled chicken.

Zarine Khan Workout Regime:

Zarine Khan Workout Regime

Zarine continues to share her photos on social media while doing workouts. Apart from exercising, she also practices swimming and jogging. She also does yoga. Zarine, no matter how busy she is, walks 15 minutes a day. As you need to combine your diet with a workout to safely lose weight, she combined them perfectly. Severely skipping the calories from the Zarine Khan diet plan alone would have made her unhealthy.
So, Zarine Khan combined the best diet to lose weight and exercise. She has controlled herself hard to drop all those superfluous pounds with the right workout regime that suits her body type. Below are some workouts that Zareen Khan practice regularly.

  • Yoga
  • Jogging
  • Swimming
  • Pilates
  • Weight Training
  • Cardio Workouts
  • Spinning

She begins her day with 1 hour of Pilates practice. Later, she goes for a jog or a swim once a day. Her trainer has made the weight training sittings 3x a week on alternate days as this gives sufficient time for her body to develop and recover muscle mass.

Rarely, when exhausted or while voyaging, she does Yoga for 60 minutes. Zareen has attributed her conditioned constitution to Yoga as it totally changed her outline.

Zarine Khan, once seen in ‘Surili Ankhi Wali’ with Salman Khan, did sensational dance in Hate Story 3 at one time. At that time, people could not believe that this girl was the one who once looked quite fat with a weight of 100 kg.

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