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If you want to bodybuild, then exercising is very important. By exercising on a daily basis, you can make muscles strong. But to get the goal of bodybuilding, just exercise is not enough. Along with this you also need to have the right food. What you eat is a great effect on your muscles. So here I am giving some protein rich Indian food for bodybuilding. See this below

Protein Rich Indian Food For Bodybuilding:

Creatinine is a chemical waste substance found in the blood that arises due to the overuse of muscles or breakdown of tissues. It can be produced in small quantities by consuming too much protein. These are obtained as waste by the muscles during their use as Creatinine energy. The increased level of Creatinine testing indicates kidney disease and problems. To control the level of Creatinine you need to consume the right foods. For that reason, we have prepared a food list for Creatinine patients in this article below. So, let’s now check out the list here…




An egg is one of the most healthy and most nutritious foods on Earth. It is full of essential vitamins, minerals, healthy fat, protective of antioxidants protecting the eyes.

Therefore, we must include eggs in our diet almost daily. Eggs contain a lot of protein, but its white part is almost pure protein. You can eat boiled eggs, omelet, fried eggs or mix it in your shake.

Greek Yogurt


Greek Yogurt:

Common dairy product Greek curd is very thick curd. It is full of plenty of tests and nutrients. This is easily available in the market. You should include Greek curd instead of plain yogurt in your diet. You can add salt, nut or honey to increase the test.




Not only calcium but also rich in milk protein. Milk can be an excellent source of high-quality protein. In addition, glass milk can be called Perfect Breakfast for the evening, which keeps your stomach full for a long time. This is one of the high protein Indian food for bodybuilding.




Paneer can be kept for late night snacks. It is full of casein which is a slow-digestive dairy protein. This slow digestion protein keeps your stomach full of time and prevents weight gain. You can include cottage cheese in sandwiches, rolls, and salads.




Chicken Breast is an ideal high-protein diet option, which can be easily included in your dish, but you should avoid eating processed and packaged chicken.

It is also the source of vitamin B, such as niacin and vitamin B6, which are important for reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, controlling diabetes, supporting brain health and reducing the level of LDL cholesterol.

Masur Dal


Masur Dal:

Masur is a famous source of protein for vegetarians. Not only protein lentils are rich in nutrients and minerals such as fiber, folate, manganese, iron, phosphorus, potassium, and B vitamins.

Protein in lentil helps in maintaining the heart’s health, helping digestion, and controlling blood sugar levels.




Do not forget these beneficial dry fruits. Almonds are a healthy snack containing proteins, antioxidants, unsaturated fatty acids, and fibers.

Almonds also provide many health benefits such as protecting your heart from cardiovascular disease, reducing inflammation, improving skin health, and helping control blood sugar levels. Another way to add almonds to your diet is nut butter. Almond butter can be made at home.




It is usually eaten during breakfast, oats are a great source of protein. These are rich in complex carbohydrates. You can eat oats with various healthy foods like fresh fruits and nuts.

Sweet Potato


Sweet Potato :

Often potato is called starchy vegetable, but it is a good source of other nutrients including proteins. A boiled mashed potato is rich in vital nutrients such as protein and carbohydrate. However, when you eat it, restraint is important, because it is very high in calories.




To increase the supply of protein in the body, start eating walnuts. An ounce walnuts contain about 7 grams of protein. This is one of the protein rich Indian food for bodybuilding.

Chia Seeds


Chia Seeds:

Chiasa seeds for vegetarians can be the best choice of protein. In the seeds of 35 grams of Chia, 13 grams of fiber and 6 grams of protein are found. Apart from this, iron, magnesium, calcium, selenium and omega are rich in 3 fatty acids.

Amaranth and Quinoa


Amaranth and Quinoa:

Amaranth is one of the healthy grains all over the world. Quinoa is also a kind of grain. Both of these are the best sources of protein. A cup of amaranth i.e.

Amaranth and quinoa are found in 9 grams of protein. In addition to proteins, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, fiber and complex carbs are found in a considerable quantity.




It is made from soybeans and is the best sources of protein. Tofu is made from bean curd like paneer. Tofu does not have any of his tastes. In such a way, the ingredients used in the formation of it are reduced to their taste. About 10-20 grams of protein is found in 100 grams of tofu.




Soybean is one of the largest, cheapest, and most easily made products to meet the needs of vegetative people’s protein. The chunks, grains, tofu, milk are packed with protein codes. 100 grams of soya chunks contain around 50 grams of protein.

It is said that eating too much soy reduces the level of testosterone in the body and increases the level of estrogen. Although there is not much of a problem in it, it does not have such a drop in men’s testosterone levels that they have to think so much.




There is just one drawback in this test treatment and it is fat content, but those who exercise do not need to care about it. Cashew is something you can eat a lot because there is a lot of test on it.

Weight gainers or bodybuilders running on gaining can eat their hobby. Only about 100-gram cashew nut are 553 calories and 44 grams of fat. The protein is also 18 grams, which is fine.

Pumpkin Seeds


Pumpkin Seeds:

There is no shortage of people like Pumpkin But its seeds meet differently today. The reason is that the proteins and magnesium contained in them. 100 grams of seeds contain 19 grams of protein and a lot of magnesium.

Black Chana


Black Chana:

The old wrestlers used to be an important part of the dose of black gram. There is something in the gram. Soak it, eat it, boil, eat, fry or whatever you like, but add it to the food. With 100 grams of Black Chana, you will get good fiber in addition to about 15 grams of protein.




The elderly have called it almonds of the poor. If they said such a thing then it is rightly said. There is only one deficiency in groundnut and it is fat present in it. But do not worry about those who are obese.

Workers and slim people should take advantage of it. You will get 26 grams of veg protein in just 100 gm of groundnut. Its price is also not something special In the low budget, you get a great protein and what you need.



Broccoli is the best vegetable for vegetarians. According to the report, one cup of broccoli contains 3 grams of protein. It is found in too much quantity in vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium and fiber. This is one of the protein rich Indian food for bodybuilding.

Kidney Beans


Kidney Beans:

Kidney Beans is not only a favorite dish of children but is also considered a good source of protein intake. There are more than 23 grams of protein in 100 grams of Rajamma. Not only this, but there is also plenty of vitamins in it.




Fish have low fat and very high amounts of protein, omega-3 fatty acids are found. There are various types of vitamins, minerals and many other nutrients present in the fish. So fish consumption caters to many needs of the body.




Spinach is one of the protein rich Indian food for bodybuilding. It helps in relaxing the muscles. It also removes wrinkles and cramps in the muscles. Along with this, it helps in making Iron Mousels found in it.




Fish is generally considered to be one of the best food to make fish muscles. Salmon burns fat and makes your muscles strong. Salmon contains omega 3, EPA, DHA, vitamin B and heavy amounts of proteins.

You should eat twice a week with grilled salmon salad and green vegetables. If you do not like fish you should eat fish supplements. This is one of the protein rich Indian food for bodybuilding.




Doctors say that the consumption of mushrooms is very beneficial for human health. White mushrooms are beneficial. There is a lot of nutrition in it, which helps in making muscles.

The antioxidant present in the Mushroom protects us from free radicals. Eating this increases the amount of antiviral and other proteins in the body, which repairs cells.

The mushroom contains lean protein which is effective in bodybuilding. This is one of the protein rich Indian food for bodybuilding.




Eating banana increases the body’s immunity and it also helps in increasing the protein. Banana is considered to be a very good source of energy, with an average of 105 calories, which protects the body from any type of weakness.

If you get tired after exercising, then immediately eat a banana it will give you strength by increasing the level of glucose in the blood.


Q. What’s The Best Protein Food For Building Muscle?

A. Along with exercise and gyming, you also need to have the right food. What you eat is a great effect on your muscles. So, see these foods here…

Q. Are Bananas Good For Building Muscle?

A. Bananas are high in the great sorts of carbs that one deed after an exercise. These quick acting carbs help reestablish the body’s degrees of glycogen, which is known to help modified harmed muscles

Q. What Is The Best Protein Food For After Workout?

A. Exercise underpins muscle development, yet the body can possibly expand after existing muscles in the event that they recuperate after every exercise. Devouring protein after exercise causes the muscles to recuperate and forestalls the loss of slender mass.

Q. What Food Is Highest In Protein?

A. High protein foods include lean chicken, lean pork, fish, lean beef, tofu, beans, lentils, low-fat yogurt, milk, cheese, seeds, nuts, and eggs.

Q. Is Chana Good For Gym?

A. Eating fiber-rich nourishments before an exercise can cause stomach related pain, yet thereafter, these food sources can assist with recharging glucose levels. Chickpeas are a post-exercise superfood, containing useful for-your carbs and plant-based protein in one clean bundle.

Q. Which Fruits Help Build Muscle?

A. Organic products give a characteristic wellspring of sugars alongside a decent measure of nutrients and minerals. For more fatty natural products, pick bananas, pineapple, or dried organic products, for example, raisins or dried cranberries.

Q. Are Eggs Good For Muscle Gain?

A. Individuals who ate entire eggs had a 40 percent more prominent muscle-building reaction. In case you’re attempting to assist work with muscling by bringing down eggs after an exercise.

Q. How Many Eggs Should I Eat After Gym?

A. Eat 3 Whole Eggs After Your Workout. What you eat after you lift can be similarly as significant as the work you’re placing in at the exercise center. In any case, your standard post-exercise shake probably won’t help your muscles.

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