List Of Vitamin B12 Rich Dry Fruits, And Vegetables


vitamin b12 rich dry fruits

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Vitamin B12 is one of the Vitamins of Vitamin B complex which is soluble in water. Vitamin B12 has many benefits to our health and body. Since our body does not produce vitamin B12 itself, we had to get vitamin B12 through regular foods. So let’s see which are the vitamin b12 rich dry fruits, vitamin B12 vegetables, and fruits. Check the vitamin B12 foods list below…

Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin for the functioning of all the cells of our body, whether they are in our skin, intestines or mouth. All these cells are controlled by the DNA and RNA of the nucleus located in them. And for these, Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin. If you suffer from Vitamin B12 deficiency, then this nucleus will not work. So if it is deficient in your body then every cell will stop functioning properly. That is why we have prepared a list of vitamin b12 rich fruits, vegetables, and dry fruits in this article below…

What Is Vitamin B12?

vitamin b12 rich dry fruits


You all know that we need different types of nutrients to keep our bodies healthy. Vitamin, Minerals, Fiber, Carbohydrate, Protein are the essential nutrient our body needs. We absorb all these things from our food. Vitamins are one of them which are a very important element that is very beneficial for keeping our body healthy. Vitamins are of various types like Vitamin A, B, C, D.

But many people in our country lack a vitamin deficiency, whose name is vitamin B12 is such a vitamin which is very rare in our country. Vitamin B12 is also called cobalamin in which cobalt metal is found. Apart from this, no cobalt metal is found in any vitamin.

It plays an important role in maintaining the health and functioning of our bodies. Vitamin B12 can be taken from many types of elements and it caters to many shortcomings in our body. And helps fight diseases. Vitamin B12 is very important for us and if its deficiency occurs once in our body then its deficiency can lead to many diseases.

The main sources of vitamin b12 are fruits, vegetables, meat, and vitamin b12 rich dry fruits. Below I am giving the vitamin b12 foods list of vitamin b12 rich dry fruits and vitamin b12 rich fruits and vegetables. Check the list below…

Vitamin B12 Foods List:

Vitamin B12 Foods List


Regular and balanced vitamin B12 diet not only improves heart health but also makes the skin beautiful and soft. Foods can help us to lessen the deficiency of Vitamin B12. So let’s see the vitamin b12 rich fruits and vegetables and vitamin b12 rich dry fruits here…

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Alfa Alfa:

Alfa Alfa

Alpha-alpha is an Arabic name which means the father of plants. Its roots range from 20 to 30 feet below the earth. So far, alpha-alpha gets the mineral-salts that are not present on the surface of the earth.

Alpha-alpha contains abundant vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Alfa-Alfa is one of the vitamin b12 rich fruits and vegetables.



Source: http://www . sci-news . com/medicine/betanin-alzheimers-disease-05834.html

Beetroot has many benefits to health. Most people eat beetroot as a salad. Many studies have proven that beet juice is very beneficial for health. There are plenty of vitamins, minerals, iron, and calcium found in it. Beetroot is one of the vitamin b12 rich fruits and vegetables.

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Butternut Squash:

Butternut Squash

Source: https://www . splendidtable . org/recipes/stuffed-butternut-squash

Butternut Squash is one type of squash that is a vine plant-based vegetable. Technically it is classified as a fruit but in cooking it is treated as a vegetable.

Butternut is rich in minerals, vitamins, and, fiber. Butternut Squash is one of the vitamin b12 rich fruits and vegetables. A rich amount of Vitamin B12 is found in butternut squash.



Source: http:// goldenspoonawards . com/news/15-different-mushrooms-and-how-to-cook-them-c943a20180927013115563.htm

Mushroom is one of the vitamin b12 rich fruits and vegetables. Mushroom is the food that belongs to the fungal species. It is a very good producer of natural vitamin D, as well as other minerals such as germanium, copper, niacin, potassium, and phosphorus.

Mushrooms are rich in vitamin B12, protein calcium and iron too. Apart from this, Mushroom-soluble beta-glucans are very beneficial for our health.

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Source: https:// www. goodhousekeeping . com/home/gardening/a20706122/how-to-grow-potatoes/

Potato is the most popular and most used vegetable. The potato’s specialty is that it gets adjusted with every vegetable. There is also a taste of potato in the food, but there are also many medicinal and beauty related properties. Potatoes are full of nutritious ingredients. Potato is one of the vitamin b12 rich fruits and vegetables.

The highest amount of starch is found in Potato. Potato is alkaline, which keeps the amount of alkaline in the body intact. Potatoes contain sodium, potassium, and vitamins ‘A’, B12 and ‘D’ in sufficient quantity.

Apart from this, potatoes also contain magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and zinc. By changing potato carbohydrate and protein, glucose and amino acids, give the body power immediately. Apart from this, many types of antioxidants are also found in the potato. Which protects against free radical damage.


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It is said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away which is very much true as an apple contains a lot of useful antioxidants, flavonoids, and fiber.

Apple contains polyphenols in good quantities that are found in both apple pulp and peel, it acts as an antioxidant. Apple has a rich amount of Vitamin too. Apple is one of the best fruits rich in B12.



Source: https:// www . alimentarium . org/en/magazine/kitchen/bananas-sugar-and-starch

Banana is more nutritious than other fruits, as well as a good alternative to energy. But apart from this banana has many properties, which are very beneficial for your health. Banana is one of the vitamin b12 rich fruits and vegetables list.

Banana is a great source of vitamins and fiber which helps in managing blood pressure, reducing stress, relieving constipation and ulcer problems. Body temperature is also controlled by the banana.



Source: https:// lovefoodhatewaste . ca/keep-it-fresh/produce-guide/blueberries/

Blueberry is another vitamin b12 rich fruits and vegetables. Blueberry is very much rich in antioxidants which keeps us healthy and also makes your skin beautiful.

Blueberries have many benefits for our health. Blueberries are very beneficial in reducing weight, increasing digestion, removing stress, cancer, diabetes.

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Source: https:// www . who . com . au/needles-in-coles-mango

The mango is called the king of fruit. In summer it is very common for common meals. Taste is also very beneficial for health, in the lush mango meal filled with sweeteners.

It contains nutrients such as fiber, potassium, magnesium, vitamin B complex, vitamin A and vitamin C, which help in keeping the body healthy. Apart from this, there is also a small amount of cholesterol and sodium which keeps the body healthy.



Source: http:// angloamericanoffice . com/tag/different-types-of-tangerines/

We all know orange is a great source of vitamin c. But Orange also contains a lot of vitamin B 12. Orange is one of the vitamin b12 fruits list and vegetables. Orange is rich in beta-carotene, Calcium, Antioxidant which are very much important for our health.

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Vitamin B12 Rich Dry Fruits:

Dry Fruits

Source: https://www . timesnownews . com/health/article/the-5-healthiest-nuts-for-type-2-diabetes-almonds-walnuts-pistachios-and-more-blood-sugar-control-weight-loss/347820

Dry fruits are one of the good sources of Vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 rich dry fruits are also rich in nutrition that is very much healthy for our bodies. Among all dry fruits, vitamin b12 rich dry fruits are almond and peanuts. So, peanuts and almonds have vitamin b12 in dry fruits.

FAQ Regarding Vitamin B12:-

Q. What Is Vitamin B12?

A. Vitamin B12 is a very important nutrient for our health. Due to its deficiency, many diseases can occur in the body. Vitamin B12 deficiency can make you not only physically but mentally ill too. Therefore, vitamin B12 is very important for the health of the body. To know more about Vitamin B12 sources read more here.

Q. Why Is Vitamin B12 essential?

A. Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin for the functioning of all the cells of our body, whether they are in our skin, intestines or mouth. And for these, it is an essential vitamin. The lack of Vitamin B12 can cause cell malfunctioning. To know more about Vitamin B12 sources read here more…

Q. What Are The Sources Of Vitamin B12?

A. There are many sources of vitamin B12 in vegetables and fruits. People often opt for vegetables rich in Vitamin B12. To know more about the sources of vitamin B12 read here more.

Q. Which Are The Dry Fruits That Contain Vitamin B12?

A. Dry fruits are a very rich source of vitamin B12. There are many dry fruits that contain a huge amount of Vitamin B12. To know more about these dry fruits read here more.

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