1-Day Sample Kerala Diet For Weight Loss


Kerala Diet For Weight Loss

Overweightness is a Long-lasting Ailment that needs long-term action. The comfort of weight gain and trouble in weight loss and also maintaining weight entirely makes overweightness a stimulating ailment to treat. The purpose set for the weight loss goal should be realistic. So, in this post below see the 1200-Calories Kerala diet plan for weight loss.

This 1200-calories Kerala diet plan for weight loss will alter the means you look at any diet plan. Weight Loss Diet plan need not essentially be a dull matter. You can arrange a stimulating diet plan for weight loss that perfectly suits your taste.

The key requirement here is the consciousness of what you consume. Hence, in this article below we have planned a 1200-calories Kerala diet plan for weight loss particularly for individuals who love to eat Indian and Kerala cuisine. Follow the diet chart to lose weight.

Reasons To Follow A Kerala Diet Plan for Weight Loss (1200-Calories)

Kerala Diet for Weight Loss

At the point when you are driving an amazingly bustling way of life, the awareness of what you eat every day adds a great deal to your fitness. Acknowledgment sunrises pretty late when you have heaped on the kilos. But following the Kerala diet plan for weight loss, you can have proper protein and energy throughout the day.

Therefore, a composed plan or a customized diet graph is a smart thought to follow. Aside from a diet graph, a food journal will go far in monitoring where your diet plan is going. Continue to peruse to find out about this Kerala diet plan for weight loss (1200 calories).

In case you are an individual who can’t forego your sambar, rice, and upperi (veggies side dish) diet, I am giving a Kerala diet chart for weight loss for you to follow. Here are an itemized 1200 calories Kerala diet chart for weight loss.

Following such a diet or related diet plan, you will cut down extra pounds in a healthy way. We all know that South Indian meals are very light and healthy. So, following the Kerala diet or related diet such as the South Indian diet for weight loss is a fun way to burn calories.

1-Day of Sample Kerala Diet Plan For Weight Loss (1200 Calories)

Kerala Diet Plan

This is a 1200 calorie Kerala diet plan for weight loss. It gives around 1200 calories just as around 50 gms protein. It is sufficient to deal with the everyday prerequisite of a normal Indian individual, subsequently, you soundly get in shape.

This Kerala diet plan for weight loss is a summed-up plan to give you a thought of what your Kerala diet plan for weight loss ought to resemble. Along with calories, you must pay attention to your protein intake too. For protein, you can include egg in your diet.

Early Morning / Before Breakfast

1 glass of luke-warm water with lemon – 0 Calorie

1 cup of tea without sugar – 35 calorie

2 pieces of Marie biscuits – 56 Calorie

Morning Meal/Breakfast

2 pieces of Appam – 100 Calorie

2 Nadan Mutta Roast – 150 Calorie


2 pieces of Godambu Puttu (Regular Sized) with less coconut in it – 164 Calorie

1 small cup of Kadala Curry or chickpea curry – 100 Calorie

Mid Morning Or After Breakfast

1 cup of green tea without sugar – 40 Calorie

An apple or 1 small bowl of mixed fruit salad – 0 Calorie


1/3rd bowl of soup with Chuvanna Matta arichoru (red rice)- 120 Calorie

1 medium bowl of Sambar (less or no coconut in it at lunch)- 75 Calorie

1 small bowl of beetroot Pachadi- 75 Calorie

Cabbage Thoran (with no or less coconut in it)

10 minutes of walk post-lunch and 1 cup of warm water with lemon or Green tea (without sugar)

Post-Lunch Snack

Any Fruit of your choice

Evening Snack

1 cup of Green Coffee/tea (no sugar)- 35 Calorie

2 Wheat Rusk – 80 Calories


2 Pathiri with boiled veggies curry – 150 Calories

1 medium cup of Mulakitta mean curry- 150 Calories

1 medium bowl of green cucumber Salad- 30 Calories

10 minutes of walk post-dinner and a cup of green tea

After Dinner/ Bed Time Snack

1 small cup of Milk- 75 Calories

4 Soaked almonds or a cup of almonds milk- 20 Calories

A Few Tips To Maintain Your Weight:

Maintain Your Weight

You change your eating habit, exercise hard, cut down rice from the diet, salt from your diet, etc to lose weight and fat. You follow many weight loss diet charts, eat healthy foods under your diet, do exercise/workout to increase your metabolism rate, and lose fat with a proper diet chart.

But all these go in vain when you fail to maintain that fitness and healthy body. So, here we have come with few tips to maintain your healthy weight along with following a proper diet chart.

Never Skip Morning Meal

Breakfast is the main part of the day following 8 hours or more time without any food. But in our busy life, skipping the morning foods has become so common nowadays. No one should do this under any diet chart.

However, what we do not understand is that this will make us drained and irritable during the day, and will cause us to indulge later in the evening, when they have a lot of time available to us, particularly while sitting in front of the TV, and so on. Pay attention to your morning meal and your consumed nutrition.

Walk And Exercise

If you need to go out on the town to shop inside a 1 km range, give your vehicle or bicycle some rest, simply walk. Make strolling a pleasant encounter. Wear comfortable shoes for the walk. This is a healthy habit that keeps your body active and energetic throughout the day. This one is a must-follow step in your Kerala diet chart or related diet chart.

Have Early Dinner

On the off chance that you ordinarily have supper at 11 p.m., stop that right away. Start having your supper in any event by 8 p.m. (on the off chance that conceivable by 7 p.m.). At dinner skip having fruits, foods with too much oil, or coconut.

Having oily foods at dinner is not a healthy habit, especially for people trying to lose fat with a proper Kerala diet plan for weight loss.

Drink A Lot Of Water Throughout The Day

While following the Kerala diet plan for weight loss or any other weight loss diet plan, you must drink plenty of water. This healthy habit will help to lose weight and help you let the toxins out of your body.

Along with drinking plenty of water eat fruits that keep you hydrated. You can eat cucumber, watermelon, coconut water, and so many more in your Kerala diet plan for weight loss.’

Always Carry Healthy Snacks

Whenever you go out, carry healthy snacks such as nuts, almonds, low-salt snacks, and so many more. This healthy habit will prevent you from having outside food and will help with the Kerala diet chart for the weight loss process.

Healthy Indian Recipes To Include In Your Kerala Diet Plan For Weight Loss:

Here we are providing some of the most famous and low-oil, low-fat, healthy Indian recipes to include in your Kerala diet plan for weight loss below. Check out these healthy Indian recipes to cook and eat to lose your extra weight.

Cucumber & Ginger with Curds (Thayir) Pachchadi:

Cucumber & Ginger

At first grate cucumbers.

Then coarsely grind 2 green chilies, 1 ginger ( small piece), as well as grind 1 teaspoon full of mustard seeds.

Now mix all the ingredients with hung Indian curds, and also salt to taste

Keep the mixture aside for some time

Now heat the kadhai and put ½ teaspoon oil and some mustard seeds and also curry leaves and finally pour it into that mixture.

Add this Indian recipe to your Kerala Diet Plan for weight loss or any other diet chart for reducing weight.

Indian Vegetable Stew (Kerala Style):

vegetable stew

Cut beans, onion, carrots into little cubes.

Then cut green chilies and ginger into little pieces

Now Mix them in a bowl and cook them well.

After that, pour 1 tablespoon coconut milk when you see the veggies are cooked properly.

Switch off the burner and then pour 2 to 3 drops of coconut oil.

Add this Indian recipe to your Kerala Diet Plan for weight loss and lose your extra pounds healthy way.

Cabbage Upperi (Kerala style):

Cabbage Upperi

Cut the cabbage into long thin strips like about an inch

Then wash them and drain properly, and keep them aside for some time

Now cut the onion into long thin strips finely.

Split a green chilly

Now Heat a pan and put a teaspoon of oil in it.

Splutter ½ teaspoon mustard seeds and a ½ teaspoon chana dal.

Now add a ½ teaspoon turmeric powder and gradually add all the other ingredients to it

Now just stir fry them, add salt to taste, cover them for some time and cook for around 2 minutes.

Add 1 tablespoon grated coconut (optional for Kerala style)

Then, turn off the burner immediately after completely cooked.

Add this recipe to your Kerala diet plan for weight loss at least once a week or if you love the recipe then add it once a day.


Follow the Kerala diet plan for weight loss at least for a day. Notice if you are having any difficulty or not following the Kerala diet plan for weight loss. If you don’t notice any problem then carry on with the Kerala diet plan for weight loss.

However, it is always recommended to consult the doctor or dietitian before following any diet chart. No matter whether the plan is Kerala diet plan or any other diet chart for weight loss

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