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Every women dream of having a fit and slim figure and thus they try to lose weight, it is important to know what to eat and what should not be eaten instead of eating less. Often we think that by eating less food and going to the gym, the weight started decreasing which is wrong. That is why we have come with a proper weight loss diet chart for female.

Due to stress and tension obesity becomes a common problem nowadays. Women should include essential nutrients in their diet chart to stay healthy. Keep in mind that there are plenty of nutritious foods such as vitamins, zinc, protein, calcium in the food. To be fit and healthy, it is important to have a healthy diet chart. For a healthy woman it is necessary to have some kind of diet.

The weight loss diet chart for female should include nutrients for weight loss as well as healthy foods. There should be some healthy accounts at least once in a while, instead of eating more. Know how to lose weight; your weight loss diet chart for female is here:

Do Not Skip Meal

If you wish to lose your excess weight, do not leave food. And make sure that you eat at least 3 meals per day. The consequence of skipping the breakfast, the lunch, and the dinner means that the next time when you will it will certainly more than usual, which is absolutely wrong.


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Breakfast Is Necessary

People often skip breakfast, which is absolutely wrong. As the events of throughout the day, you will need an adequate amount of energy of the body, which is certainly not possible skipping your breakfast. At breakfast time, you need to eat a sufficient amount of food.

You can consume some oatmeal along with milk or veggie sandwich or poha can also be consumed in your weight loss diet chart for female.

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How Your Lunch Should Be

Take roti, lentils, buttermilk or fresh curd, with rice and a green vegetable for your lunch. Along with this, eating green chutney at lunch fulfills the lack of the multivitamin deficiency in your food.


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Make Dinner Soon

Always keep it in mind that your dinners have to be light and healthy. You should complete your dinner at least two hours before going to bed at night.

Thus the consumed food gets sufficient time to be digested.


You must avoid the consumption of rice, raisins and lentils at night as these foods takes a hell lot of time to digest.

You Can Have Snacks

There are times people feel hungry in between their meals, at that point of time you can have some healthy snacks such as fruit or salad, sprouts, or anything else of your own choice.

But you need to avoid deep fried foods and junk foods for snacks.


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Seasonal Fruit And Vegetables Intake

The seasonal vegetables and fruits are different in every season. Therefore, you can use the seasonal vegetables and fruits in your weight loss diet chart for female. It is considered to be better to eat the whole fruit instead of drinking juice.
Each and every vegetable and fruits come with different nutrients in it. That is why you need to eat all kind of vegetables and fruits

Adopt Dairy Products Non-Fat Products

Try to avoid things like dairy products to decrease fat for weight loss. Milk which is toned does not contain that much fat, so you can have it regularly.

Avoid Water Shortage

Take at least 4 to 5 liters water to keep you hydrated all day long. Liquid not only helps to reduce toxic components from our body but it also helps to remove fat from the body.

It also helps to reduce hunger and consequently prevents constipation. Besides water, one can also use buttermilk, coconut water, soup, fruit juice, or lemonade.


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Eat Protein

If you eat eggs, instead of green vegetables and pulses, you can eat egg beggars. Take the salad intake in the lunch. Eat capsicum, cucumber, cucumber, salad leaf, raisins and a little lemon in the salad. This will increase its taste. Take a fruit juice with lunch too.

Women are now moving forward in every field. Therefore it is important to follow the diet chart in a busy routine; otherwise there is a danger of many diseases. Because of which the body becomes unhealthy and weak.

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