What Is Liquid Diet Plan

Water is considered a life-saving drink. Without food, we can live for two days but it is challenging to remain thirsty for 24 hours straight. We need water every day. In place of water, we can use other liquid to meet the shortage of water in our body. For this reason, people often give a try to the liquid diet plan.

Our body is made of 50% to 60% water and if we keep this quantity, then our body will not lack water. If we drink water less than that, then we will become a victim of dehydration, the skin will start diminishing, the stones will grow in the kidneys, the food will not be adequately digested and various diseases will surround us.

To maintain the water content in our body, we need 8 to 10 glasses of water per day. If you fail to drink an adequate amount of water, then you can start doing the liquid diet plan to fight water shortage in our body.

What Is Liquid Diet Plan

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What Is Liquid Diet Plan?

A liquid diet has been set to help you prepare or cure for digestive processes, depending on your condition that your doctor may advise you to follow clear liquid food or to follow a full liquid diet. This type of diet is temporary and usually lasts only for a few days. Following the directions of your healthcare provider, in particular, is essential.

This type of diet fulfills the shortage of water in our body and people who have a digestion problem can try this liquid diet plan. There are two types of liquid diet plans such as clear liquid diet plan and full liquid diet plan.

The liquid diet plan is useful to help you prepare or recover from medical examination, surgery, or other medical procedures. Following during that time is easy.

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Clear Liquids Diet Plan

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Clear Liquids Diet Plan:

Clear liquid diet plan includes plain gelatin, fruit juices, clear broth, sports drinks, flavored water, ice pop, coffee, tea, honey, soda, clear nutritional supplements, lemonade, and so many more.

This Is A 1 Day Sample Menu For A Clear Liquid Diet Plan:


1 bowl full of gelatin

1 cup full of tea or coffee without any dairy

1 glass of pulp-free fruit squash


1 cup of broth

1 glass of pulp free fruit juice or squash

1 glass of water


1 cup of tea or coffee, or soda without any dairy

1 pulp-free Popsicle


1 glass of water or pulp free fruit juice or squash

1 cup of broth

1 bowl of gelatin

1 cup of tea or coffee without dairy

Clear liquid diet plan does not provide enough levels of nutrients sometimes, so avoid planning this type of liquid diet plan for more than 3 to 4 days and start this only on physician’s advice.

Complete Liquid Diet Plan

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Complete Liquid Diet Plan

A complete liquid diet plan includes everything on a clear plan with some extra dairy and grain options. All food should have smooth liquid stability. You can eat cooked, refined cereals such as oatmeal, wheat porridge, grind, and rice porridge.

Add water to get the right liquid stability in those foods as mentioned above. Other options of the complete liquid plan include cream soup, milk, butter, pudding, ice cream, custard, and juice of fruits.

This Is A 1 Day Sample Menu For A Complete Liquid Diet Plan:


1 cup full hot cereal served with ½ bowl whole milk

½ cup of freshly made fruit juice or squash

Morning Time Snack

½ cup of supplement beverage

½ cup of custard


1 big bowl of vegetable soup

1 cup of pudding made with chocolate

½ cup of freshly made tomato juice or squash

Lunch Time Snack

½ cup of fruit juice or squash

½ cup of supplement beverage


1 cup of oatmeal with milk

2 cups of soup

½ cup of lemonade

Night Time Snack

½ cup of vanilla flavored ice cream

1 cup of supplement beverage

One needs to eat 6 to 8 times during the course of the day with the variety of some blended or strained and liquid foods. To upsurge your caloric consumption, include your full-fat dairy products like whole milk or butter, or high-calorie shakes.

Potential Restrictions For Initiating Liquid Diet Plan

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Potential Restrictions For Initiating Liquid Diet Plan

All the potential restrictions depend entirely on your body’s requirements. So it may or may not work for every single individual.

  • Depending on your situation, your health care provider may be subject to additional restrictions, for example, you may need to choose low fat and fat-free options
  • When you are on a liquid diet, drink plenty of water between meals, to reduce hunger and cravings, place your liquid food at regular intervals
  • As per your body’s requirements, your doctor can ask you to avoid red or purple liquids because the fluid can be similar to the blood in your intestines
  • You may also need to avoid caffeinated liquids
  • You will also need to avoid alcoholic beverages

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